ARES - San Andreas Arena
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    We as a non-profit organisation are focused on group wars which are taking part on SAES:RPG. Currently we offer 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 matches amongst our coumminty, but are planning to expand the events in the future. To fully understand our purpose, please go ahead and read the rest of the topic.
    Hope to see you on the battlefield.

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    Est. of The ARES Arena was on the 22nd of September 2018.
    The establishment was based mainly on entertainment purposes, to offer players the possibility to show their tactics and skills within our arena.
    The group is allowing players to participate as a made up group, which means you aren't obligated to be in the same team as your fellow gang/squad/company mates (even though it is allowed).
    Details on how to participate and the requirements are listed below in the topic.

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    This section explains how the group works and how to earn achievements.
    As stated above, at the moment we offer 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 matches.

    How can my team join?
    By filling this application :

    Team name:
    Gamemode (2v2/3v3/5v5):
    Participants :
    Money you are betting :
    Date & time :

    Fill this application and post it on this topic. Once another team with the same amount of money bet & date/time applies, you are getting your match.
    Notes! :

    1. The team's name can't be changed once you select it.
    2. The amount of money you are betting on your team must be sent to a member of the ARES staff before the match.
    3. After the match, the money is being sent equally to the winning team ( Amount / 2/3/5 )
    4. ARES is getting 5% of the full money amount and the first team to win 10 matches gets that money.

    How does the betting system work?
    Betting is forbbiden here, unless you want to do it within yourselves, but the ARES staff is not getting involved in that.
    The only people who can bet are the match particpants. You can bet on your team as much money as you want. If your team wins, you are getting 100% of what you've bet as well as the other team's money.
    Example : Your team bets $20,000,000 and the enemy team bets $20,000,000, which makes $40,000,000 at the end. You are getting $38,000,000 since ARES is taking 5% of the full amount of money and putting it aside for the first team that wins 10 matches. Another example, if team X places 20m and team Y places 50m, and if team Y is going to challenge team X prize will be [(20m+20m)-5%]. Minimum bet is 5m and maximum bet is 50m.

    Teams & Players !

    One player can be in multiple teams, one player can make multiple groups, which means you aren't obligated to stay or play for the same team or come online everytime your team wants to play.
    But once the team is formed and has it's members listed, those members can't be changed, the only way is to make another group, but you are losing your count of conquered matches.

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    ARES ownership [A] ( ARES ownership – members of this rank control the whole organisation in every aspect )

    ARES membership [A] ( ARES membership – members of this rank control matches, can recieve money for the matches and they also pay up to each member of the group. )

    ARES V.I.P. ( ARES V.I.P. – members of this rank have contributed to the organisation in various ways )

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    • Wild Angels Heads (2v2): 30 000 000 $

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    District of Honors is reserved for the most valuable groups of our organisation.

    Team that first won 10 matches.

    Biggest win streak of all time
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    This section is for the current money pot which ARES took from the matches ( 5% ). That money is going to be handed to the team that wins 10 matches in our arenas. The money will be given to each member seperately, to avoid scams ( Current amount / 5 ).
    Current amount : $$$$$$$$$$$$

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    ARES arena presents Executor Staff.
    There was some interest shown in joining our ARES membership crew, and yes, we have recruited some. Unfortunately we weren't able to recruit everyone. That's why we have decided to make the following role in our organisation to offer others who weren't able to join now to prove themselves and try to boost their chances for gettting full membership.

    Some explanation is needed to roughly go around what Executor Staff is and how they are contributing to our organisation. So your obligation would be:
    • You can wear [A] tag behind your name, but it's optional
    • You'll be promoting our events around the community in your unique way (ad/on discord servers/forums/pm... examples, it's your choice )
    • Giving groups informations, if needed, on how to apply for the matches
    • Giving interested people information about us and where to find more about it ( link of discord & forums )
    The better you do your job, the more you are boosting your chance to become a full member of ARES.

    On behalf of ARES arena we'd like to present you Executor Staff.
    Everyone who is interested to join this rank needs to directly speak either on this topic or on discord with one of the following members ( Nemesis or Brooklyn ).

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