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    ~ Justice and Truth! ~


    GERB or ГЕРБ has been created by @kockata on 17th September, 2021. GERB has got many promising deputies, senators. As our motto states, "Justice & Truth", our most promising candidate is @Petrow . He is kind of popular with his Lightning World Sports Events. Unlike some other disgusting parties, we don't scam or hide anything from the citizens.

    Party Name: GERB

    Party Leader: @kockata

    President: Rumen Radev @kockata 🇧🇬
    Vice President: Korneliq Ninova @Mr-Khaled 🇵🇸
    SF South: Ivan Geshev @Homeless 🇧🇬
    SF North: Kostadin Angelov @Doktora 🇧🇬
    Red Country: Valyo Labadaq @HeLLBuLL 🇧🇬
    Flint County & Whetstone: Krasimir Valchev @xxtimboBG 🇧🇬
    LS West: Boiko Borisov @Petrow 🇧🇬
    LS Central: Mitio Ochite @SweetGSF 🇧🇬
    LS East: Joro Ignatov @Bisollini 🇧🇬
    Tierra Robada: Vasil Bojkov @eddie4 🇧🇬
    South Venturas: Mr.Durby @Durby 🇹🇷
    North Venturas: Mr.Dizzy @Dizzy 🇹🇷
    Bone County: Mr.Lartsa @Lartsa 🇫🇮

    A brief outline of your party beliefs and values: Bulgarian special mazna banica with cheese 🧀 and airqn 🥛 for everyone. Also for a dessert Turkish baklava. No more Cluckin' Bell.

    NOTE: We didn't spend even 1$ while creating this topic. It's so we prove you that we will not use the Federal Universe (/fr) money for ourselves and other useless stuff. That's also what makes our party different/special than the rest. Kockata President will make San Andreas great again!

    Buying and selling votes is a crime!!!

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