Application for BRINKS Transporting Division - Ryns - 9/13/2021

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    SECTION A - General Information

    In-game Nickname: Ryns
    In-game Username: AfffH
    Are you on Discord? If yes, what is your username?: Yes, -𝑅𝓎𝓃𝓈⭐#9755
    Have you joined the BRINKS Discord server?: Yes

    Current Gang/Squad: CripZ Soldier
    What is your level & rank in your current gang/squad? Soldier

    Previous Gangs/Squads: GSF: Closed

    How good is your English? (?/10): 7/10
    How active are you in-game? (?/10): 8/10

    SECTION B - Skills Information

    Rate your driving knowledge (?/10): 7/10
    Rate your driving skills (?/10): 7/10
    How many deliveries have you successfully completed till now? [/stats]: 0 But I'll start doing it!
    Have you read all rules in regards to Money Transporting? Yes
    Write down 3 rules about the Money Transporter spawn:

    • I have to not attend an SR/JB/BR/VIP while i am spawned as Money Transporter
    • I have to not work like I am spawned as a normal cop.
    • While a criminals catch me, I have to not destroy it to avoid getting stolen.

    SECTION C – Additional Information

    Why would you like to join the Transporter division? Well, I have some good driving skills, and as I know some members within this group, and as it need some help/active members to get the officiel role, I wanted to apply to try my luck and join.
    Why did you decide to choose the transporter division instead of the security division? I've explained above.

    In a spoiler, place a picture of an armoured van/truck loading up money for transporting in real life:

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    Dear @Ryns,

    First, of all, thank you for applying at BRINKS. After discussion within the brinks management team, we are pleased to inform you that you meet our expectations and therefore I welcome you to BRINKS.


    You have been placed in the 'Transporter' group. Don't let us down! Good luck and welcome on board.

    With Regards,
    Logistics Manager Aveyro

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