SOLVED [CHANGE] Advertisements ( /ad )

  • I searched for such a change/suggestion for /ad in the archive, but I couldn't find. Unfortunately, I can't show any pictures, but I will still share my idea. Recently there are some players getting muted for not using /ad. The problem with ads is that they are gone too fast or people can't see them so here's my idea:

    When typing /ad a tab opens and you got two options. First is to create and second is to search/check. 1. Create - Entering a title and later description. For an example: Ad title: LV Prop, Description: It's located at ..., It's good for...
    2. Check - By clicking on that option, a tab opens where you can see peoples ads. There is a list of players names and titles. They could expire after 10 minutes. Also no other ads till it doesn't expire or doesn't get cancelled by the owner. This way abuse will be avoided as well. Here's an example again: Player's name - Title (Bisollini - Sultan AWD V8).
    By double clicking on that tab, another one opens with all the information/description if there is any.

  • That's a 5-minutes craft made example of the suggestion. By double clicking on that, a tab of description would open.

  • Maybe replacing one icon of this to create a space only for advices
    Everyone can post his ad's and place them for a day or something like that
    alt text


    Already suggested and in-review. Archiving.

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