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    Welcome to the official Spetsnaz Media Archive. Spetsnaz members can use the format's given below to post ingame activities such as patrols, rescuing vips, store robberies, bankrobs, roleplaying activities and hosted events. Don't reply here if you're not associated with Spetsnaz.

    Main Topic


    Format for Regular activities:

    **Activity title**:
    **Members involved**:
    **Date of Activity**:
    **Describe the Activity**:
    **Activity number**:


    Format for Roleplaying activities:

    **Roleplay title**:
    **Date of Occurence**:
    **Roleplay number**:
    **Describe the Roleplay**:


    Format for Bankrob activities:

    **Bank location**:
    **Date of Occurence**:
    **Members involved**:
    **Bankrob bumber**:


    Format for Hosted events:

    **Event title**:
    **Type of Event**:
    **Date of Occurence**:
    **Hosted by**:
  • Activity

    Activity title: Stopped 5 store robs and rescued 2 VIP's
    Members involved: 2
    Date of Activity: 09/09/2021
    Describe the Activity: We managed to stop 5 store robs this evening and rescued 2 VIP's.
    Activity number: 1