• Hi there, since I've been leading SAFD, I came on extremly good idea, just to see if that could be possible, would make it more interesting, so far people would have more interest, especially when there is something new.

    I would suggest making a helicopter with water, so there around SA map would be missions which each member could complete, such like a job.

    For example, once you enter in a raindance (default mod) - you should receive an notification up there:
    "House at Santa Maria (Los Santos) is on fire, all available SAFD units respond", then an available SAFD member could pick up raindance, head to the water, fill up the tank, and extinguish the house, for that could be paid, some solid prize such as 7-10k per mission.

    alt text

  • I like the idea. I believe helicopters are mostly used to extinguish larger fires like Forest fires or open field fires. If the option would be introduced for those kind of fires, then I'd vote Yes.

    In terms of visual, I am not sure what will look the best, as objects attached to vehicles are static. ( Correct me if I am wrong ) A swinging "basket" would in that cause look like what u have drawn, but the cable would be a steel pole.

    But thats something that should be looked at if the suggestion/ general idea itself gets approved.

  • I think it’s a really good idea. Not only for wild fires but it opens us up now to anywhere. Say example one of those pumping stations in LV catches a fire. Roleplay wise there’s no way a fire engine could get up there. So this would be perfect for that and also things that far to dangerous for us to get close to say a huge fire at a chemical plant. On the other hand I don’t believe this should be accessible to any of our fire fighters. We need some skilled pilots to quickly maneuver it and get out of the way. And maybe we can refill it by truck or water hydrant so we don’t have to travel far back to get more water. Great idea.

  • Bumppo!