• @Moley said in More SR places:

    Hi There lets give this a bump.

    Why not add some Store robberies on the sea instead all of them on the land,
    Then boats can finally be useful again since no one actually ever uses them
    Because there is nothing left to do on the sea since everything is on the land

    Add a SR at sea and 100000000% it will just be mavericks, seasparrows and leviathans.

    I would honestly assume the vast majority of newer players on the server that have never been in a group like SAP don't even own a boat, but they all have access to a heli one way or another.

    Unless you can do it in a way where you can't fly there, then I'm not sure about this one.

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  • We really need this!!!

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  • Definitely supporting this idea!

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  • I'm believer that saes might be a better server. SAES administration ( and excuse me if I'm wrong but) you ought to be more flexible. I'm saying this because actually saes is completely an ingrained server where only a minority of ideas/suggestion are picked out . if you'd bring things that player have upvoted for it, players positively would be more involved to innovate within the community. In another aspect, players turning inactive or retired of the server, the main reason why people quit and turn inactive is because they don't find anything interesting to do more than connect to make some activities for their gang/squad/companies/groups and not much else. My point is, MAKE IT FOR THE COMMUNITY NOT FOR THE ADMINISTRATION.

    Some ideas that i came up: add more activities for polices and criminals. For copside implement a system of level which they could take advantage of privileges (more money for arresting depending on their level, refrain kill arrest in jail to cops under x level etc)add copside more fun by adding trainings life-style like. Also let cops take part in the turf wars so they can lower the process by killing and not arresting criminals. For criminal side, a good idea is, big heists organized among members from different particular gangs (not necessary a bank). Bring back gangrobs. Bring back hr. Considerer the idea of bringing more Store Robberies!

    Last but not least, we know things are constantly changing to adapt the human brain, nothing in this world would stay forever... when something expires the productivity of it decreases , maybe due this reason the people get bored of the server of doing nothing. Let's see this aspect from a new player, someone just joined the server, what's his/her purpose or goal? have fun and join a decent squad/gang , right? (almost certainly)either then after joining gang/squad this is the greatest achievement for a new player, nowadays its devalued by the factor of the new updates in Gang/Squad Managements that make it easier to them to be invited 2 days after they applied.

  • @Scorpyo Impress us with something new scorpyo you have been developing this server in a great way ever since you came around why not actually consider this one!

  • Get a list

  • #BringbackHR
    also would be rlly nice if u up for this scorpyo

  • Well said, @Asexyno . Te mando un beso en el siempre sucio 😘

  • sea

  • Bring back HRs as the extra spots of sr and make them only in cities. The sr sometimes spawn 4 times in a row in whetstone or Bayside which is annoying

  • @StarWars the Criminals do not start the SR it start randomly

  • hr = more fun than sr
    hr = no booring standing on 4x4m like idiots
    hr = more cops vs crimes action
    hr = abit harder for crimes

    -we can have sr & hr mixxed
    -or only hr
    -but eitherway alot better than sr only
    -i would dotonate ~15€ if hr becomes a thing : D