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  • @Bartman said in More SR places:

    hr = more fun than sr
    hr = no booring standing on 4x4m like idiots
    hr = more cops vs crimes action
    hr = abit harder for crimes

    -we can have sr & hr mixxed
    -or only hr
    -but eitherway alot better than sr only
    -i would dotonate ~15€ if hr becomes a thing : D

    Other than the actual shop structure itself, can you explain the differences between a HR and an SR?

    Not even meme'ing I really can't remember any difference other than the structure that an SR generates.

  • @Daryl I feel like this post forum @Terry in the old forum describe HRs quite well;

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Literally all 3 of those points are just talking about the structure and the location.

    You can change the location with current SR's.

    So basically all you're asking for is SR's without the building they spawn on?

    If that's literally the only thing I'm not saying if it's better or worse - but it's incredible how passionate you feel about that, as if it's a make or break change.

  • need some new/updated things because current gameplay boring, everything same for years
    here you can see an example of a sr -

  • our SR manager @Kaioshin agrees with you @Zwolle , more SRs needed !

  • Yeah I think if you change your suggestion from something very nonspecific - ie. "BRING BACK HR, HR IS SO GOOD"

    To - "I think we need better locations and structures for SR's"

    It becomes a lot easier to action, SR markers are literally just a coord which then creates the circle around it. The mappings from what I can tell are added in seperately, so we can literlaly just change the mapping on the server and then add that coord as a new SR point.

    Now the question becomes - do you want to change every SR to a new mapping, mix up the mappings of SR's, remove the mappings completely?

    The path to changing SR's is a bit more nuanced than asking for wholesale change - because there's a lot of directions it can go.

  • @Daryl
    this :
    @Bartman said in House Robery:

    @Bone said in House Robery:


    this, exactly this!
    now should any braindead men tell how sticking on 4x4m shitty roof on sr could be in any way better than hr
    bonus: no sr stores = less mapping to load for saes & we have atleast ~25+ sr stores mapped wich could remoove

    difference is hr used always already existing buildings/parks, either was gas station/manisons/shops etc
    -bigger circle, no one need to stick to an little roof like idiots
    -cops vs crimes alot more fun
    -roofs & ground was been used

    pros are that we dont even need extra buildings for it = less ressoursec used & more action to cop vs crimes
    bones videos showing how awesome hr was

    some more pics
    @Bartman said in House Robery:

    some HRs from earlyer
    no 6x4m tinny roof, no bullshit


    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text

    alt text


    can clearly see on hr topic that crimes & cops wants it back

    alt text

    pls let it happend @SAES-Developer

    ur mappings is nice, but you know that crimes wont stay inside because its to easy rambo arrest there, look bones video & imagine how that cant happend inaide stores

  • Imagine having more sr places and hr added again...

  • @Daryl I think that's somehow related to your topic when you asked if people prefer HR or SR why not more SR places and keep the system as it is?

  • bump DO SOMETHING new sr, old sr, more places, just something

  • 😒

  • BUMP Yea if it's brought back like we crims group together and pick one store and actually aim our gun at the cashier/kill him to start the SR would be great. For fairness reasons the briefcase delivery spots can be randomized so crims are not sure where they will have to deliver when picking one store. Also I'd like to suggest adding few more delivery spots all around the San Andreas.

  • bump

  • bump, new places or old HR system, bRinG iT bAck!!!

  • Bump

  • bump

  • After we ask for more sr we ask for more brs and make new reset time we 16 gangs give us back old jail or map new one stable for both sides

    still no new just afk script cops and need 10 squads more markers + new trash jail + new transporter and no one play it anymore
    and we don't get anything, so cops side be like 12 squads in game maybe more than half afk from boring cause no new from years and cops side dying just make topic why don't want cop, and you already have answer for it and still waiting for something new but no answer

    alt text

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