The New Conservative Party

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    The New Conservative Party (NCP)

    'A goverment to help the people'

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    This party has been formed in 2021 by Mr.Schmidt and Mr.Pierson to help San Andreas find a better and safer way to ensure the safety and economic stability of the state.

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    The New Conservative Party is a new party in San Andreas. We believe that the state of San Andreas has been terrorised by criminals and an non-functional government. We believe the government should invest more in the safety of our inhabitants and a stable economic. This by investing in the expension of cooperations and buisnesses around San Andreas.

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    NCP believes that the goverment has been spending their money too much with the Cuban Embassy. The money of San Andreas should be invested in San Andreas. We encourage people to follow a stable and safe career rather then turning to the criminal underworld funded by the Cubans.

    Daily taxes are being wasted on corrupted officials, we want our taxes to be safely stored at the Mint for expenses into the state and it's organisations.

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    San Andreas is still being terrorised by the Cubans. Influencing our population into becoming criminals. Which is why we want to divert the taxes into better policing. Better security at banks and jails should be top priority. We also want to encourage our highest goverment departments to take actions against these terrorists and criminals by increasing funds.

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    The NCP wants close relations with it's inhabitants. This is why we encourage people to come together and stand against criminals and terrorists.

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    President Weppo Schmidt @Weppo

    Vice President Pierson @KiroSa

    List of party candidates:

    Senator Majority Leader: Votes running in discord

    Los Santos East: Waylon Park @Legend
    Los Santos Central: Ardron Dawson @Ardron
    West Los Santos: Larson Hopkins @AntiRug
    Red County: Mr.Harper @Bean
    Flint County & Whetstone: Johnny English @JohnnyEnglish
    Bone County: Mr.Yoko @Yoko
    San Fierro South: Mr.Mario @Law
    San Fierro North: Mr.Cooper @Knele
    Tierra Robada: Mr.Steven @Steven.
    South Venturas: Mr.Jonas @jonas13362
    North Venturas: Mr.Nvidia @nvidia

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    Follow the server rules (F1)
    Respect each other
    Respect your higherups

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    Join our discord:

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  • Name: Juanes12
    Username: juanes12
    RP-name: Juan Perez
    Region: Chilliad + Whetstone

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    This party has closed it's reqruitment for senators. I am sorry for the inconvience. Our discord is open for everyone:


    Weppo Schmidt

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    Although the senator limit has been met, we welcome everyone with open hearts into the discord. Together we shall make SAES great again!