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Recruitment Status: Open


  • Ability to deliver finances as quickly, efficiently and as effectively as possible.
  • Discover new routes for efficient deliveries.
  • Coordinate with external security providers to escort your payload successfully and punctually to the final client.


  • Evasive driving.
  • Knowledge of the entire San Andreas Map.
  • Quick reactions and thinking.


  • To apply for the transporter division, you need to copy the format provided below in the blue box and make a new topic here.

Your topic name will be as follows:
Application for BRINKS Transporting Division - Nickname - Date

For Example:
Application for BRINKS Transporting Division - Tony - 31/02/2006

Do not make any changes to the application format below. Keep it as simple and as neat as it is!

^[![alt text](] 

**SECTION A - General Information** 
**In-game Nickname:** 
**In-game Username:**
**Are you on Discord? If yes, what is your username?:** 
**Have you joined the BRINKS Discord server?:**

**Current Gang/Squad:** 
**What is your level & rank in your current gang/squad?**

**Previous Gangs/Squads:** 

**How good is your English? (?/10):**
**How active are you in-game? (?/10):** 


**SECTION B - Skills Information** 

**Rate your driving knowledge (?/10):**
**Rate your driving skills (?/10):**
**How many deliveries have you successfully completed till now? [/stats]:**
**Have you read all rules in regards to Money Transporting?**
**Write down 3 rules about the Money Transporter spawn:**
**If you were picking a load from Las Venturas Bank, which route would you take to SF Mint? Why would you take this route?**


**SECTION C – Additional Information**
**Why would you like to join the Transporter division?**
**Do you have any references currently in BRINKS?**

**In a spoiler, place a picture of an armoured van/truck loading up money for transporting in real life:**

^[![alt text](]

  • By submitting your application, you give your consent to follow all the rules and follow the group's guidelines and meet the group's standards and regulations.

  • You are required to post activities pertaining to the group, such as transports, roleplays and events. More information is provided below.

  • It is important that you join the BRINKS Discord to receive an official role, get a BRINKS badge number upon acceptance, and receive updates on activities.

You will receive feedback on your application after 1-3 days of applying


  • All your activities should be posted under your application using the format provided in the BRINKS Media Archive.

  • Money Transporting is posted in a different way than other groups in SAES.

To further reiterate, One Transport is the process of picking up money from one bank and dropping it at the SF Mint e.g Picking up from LV bank and dropping it at SF Mint.

When posting your activities, make sure that each individual transport complete has its own separate post. Do not merge all your transports into one post. A good example of this can be found here. As you can see, each transport performed has its own post.
Alternatively, you can put each transport in an individual spoiler in a single post.

Kindly contact BRINKS HQ if there is any confusion.

  • The GTA: SA HUD should be visible in the screenshots, showing the in-game time, and health bar. You can turn off the chat if you wish to.

  • Lastly, all screenshots should be placed in spoilers/links to the screenshots can be provided.

Remember to be neat with your applications. When BRINKS HQ reviews applications, neatness is taken into consideration as well.

Good luck!

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