SAS - Special Air Service

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    SAS special forces were founded in 1994 in London, England.
    SAS special forces have organized an operation on bank robberies, store robberies, and other terrorist incidents, demonstrating who they are and receiving great recognition from the public. These special forces have some special abilities. They are Brave and never give up against the enemy. He even gives his life to defend his homeland. SAS special forces have helped many other squads in special operations, and other teams love them. Other Cops may apply by contacting the SAS and may be one of the SAS special forces. At SAS, San Andreas's most serious and compelling training is provided. If the applicant cannot pass this training,He/She can't join to SAS Special Forces! If the applicant passes the test, he receives a medal from the SAS and joins this special force team.

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    Squad Founder: Nippy and MR-J@ker
    Squad Money: 10.000.000 Million
    Squad Motto: Who Dares Wins.
    Squad Color: #FFB900
    Squad Ranks:

    L = Leader of squad. ( Nippy )

    vL = Right hand of leader. ( MR-J@ker)

    HQ = HeadQuarter in squad. ( Who is inviting and testing players. )

    Col = Colonel in squad.

    SSGT = Staff Sergeant in squad.

    SGT = Sergeant in squad.

    PVT = Private in squad.

    R = Recruit in squad. ( Who is still under training. )

    VIP = VIP members of squad.

    You must use that apply format !

    Languages spoken:
    Rate your english skills: [1/10]
    Tell us about yourself:
    Why should we accept you ?:
    Do know friends from SAS?:

    Explain 2 SAES rules in 2 Sentences:
    Explain 2 SAES rules in 2 sentences:


    Don't patrol alone only you can patrol with your squad members. [Except SGT and Higher Ranks]
    Don't deathmatch your squad members.

    Be patient and mature.

    Don't rage or insult in mainchat/squadchat

    Be respect to Leader, ViceLeader and HQ's.

    Have Fun 🙂

  • Recruitment opened !

  • Good luck

  • Good luck 🙂

  • Have you asked Roan for permission to revive the old squad? @Nippy1

    However, good luck.

  • Good luck 👮 🐈

  • Nippy can't you stop making useless G/S ?
    Just join SAPA if you want to join a squad

  • @Chief why dont stfu and stopping giving bad morale to all players ?

  • Thank you all @Supreme, @Brian , @Epichu @Laza

  • Good Luck

  • Has Roan given permission for this?

  • Its members especially its VL is not able to lead its VL arrests policemen.

  • I hope you have permission from Roan... anyways GL

  • Good luck guys!

  • Good luck bro 😂 🙂

  • @meliodas i will set new vL dont worry i know its inactive and and arresting cops