ScsA - Superior Customs of San Andreas
By GamerZ450, in Groups

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    Everything brings money you just have to know how.

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    Group Name: Superior Customs of San Andreas
    Group Founder: @GamerZ450
    Discord channel:
    Superior Customs of San Andreas Media Archive:
    Bank: 25.000.000 $
    Tag: [ScsA]<name>|Rank (optional)
    Group color: #696969

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    18th of October 2020 in Germany, Bremen, a moment that changed the motor world and the world of many normal Workers who had the chance to work in the fastest growing car dealer.
    GamerZ was searching for a cheap car because he didn’t get much money and he found many nice cars which are cheap because the owners didn’t care for their car, then he had the idea to buy a car tune it, and sell it so he can buy a better one and do the same stuff, his first car was a sultan after he sold that he decided to throw his current job and make an own website where he repairs and sells cars.
    After some months he decided to move to San Andreas and make an Agency with more experience and here started this new era.

    Superior Customs of San Andreas (ScsA) opened only some days after he decided to make it, and he had already 2 workers or more than workers they were like friends, so he decided to make shadow the Business chief and kree the mechanic chief, and then he met acez who helped him a lot when it opened and he became also a worker, from now on the story will be in real-time and here is the start.

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    We are a Roleplay group selling cars props and other luxurious objects but we are also mechanics which can repair and tune cars.
    Our roleplays can be:

    • Buying cars
    • Selling cars
    • Repairing cars
    • Selling other luxurious objects
    • Selling Properties

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    -1- Follow the F1 Rules/Saes rules
    -2- Always wear your tag if you are building a car or making a deal
    -3- Don't tell your clients Fake prices
    -4- Listen and be respectful to HQs
    -5- Don't be rude to members and other SAES players

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    Leader-[L] : @GamerZ450
    Mechanice Chief-[MC]: @iAcez
    Buisness Chief-[BC]: @ShadowSpare
    Buissnessman : @Jizzy @Thamond @Skes
    Mechanic : @Kree
    Probationary-[P] : @aoxi @Villain @axel
    Applicant-[A] :

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    We are always buying new props pm me if you have one for us

    Our Base


    Our Garage
    FooterGarage Footer

    Mansion for our Workers if they don't have any work to do
    FooterManison Footer

    Real Estate

    First Step > Find a member and show him the prop/car

    Second Step > Agree on a price for the prop/car

    Third Step > If both agreed to make the deal and give the member the prop (pls take a screenshot when you give it to him)

    Fourth Step > When he sells the prop he gives you the price that you agreed on and he get the money that left.


    Apply Banner

    You can apply on our discord server just follow the steps in #how-to-apply
    Discord channel:

  • The Group is now just a week old, and it already have to close.

    Thanks to everyone who helped and a special thank to @iAcez and @ShadowSpare for their support.