Jail - Community Feedback 2.0

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    We've seen your feedback in the previous jail topic, and we would like another round of feedback regarding a potential solution.

    Those who did describe what they miss with the old jail was the perpetual DM / stalemate between cops and criminals. While the original reason we changed was because people complained the old jail would have jailbreaks last for hours, and be too easy.

    The suggestion to re-introduce this lost gameplay, while keeping a more difficult jail as well is as follows:

    • People with a wanted level of 1 to 36(*) stars go to the old jail, at LS jail
    • People with a wanted level above 36(*) stars go to the current jail, at a new location**
    • People who are arrested / killed within the old jail, will go to the old jail regardless of wanted level so the perpetual DM can live on

    Please leave any feedback you may have.

    We're looking at making a final decision soon, so please leave your opinion before Monday the 9th of August

    * the 36 star level is an indication,
    ** New location is as of yet undecided, feel free to leave suggestions

    As with the previous topics, keep replies civil and on topic.

  • Dividing a jail population on a sever with 100 players?

    That's just going to make 2 basically empty jails.

    I think everyone was relatively clear in that we just want the old jail to return without caveat.

    Also the vast majority of people end up with 42 stars without even killing someone as there is no star cap on things like SR's etc.

    So basically everyone would be sent to the 'new' jail.

    Thanks but no thanks.

    Just accept defeat?

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  • People liked the old jail because there was lots of people and therefore more things to do. I don't think cutting the content zones in half is what people want. 🤷♂

  • I'm afraid seperating jails at this point might make it even worse. I think most people just want the old jail system back without any major changes, just apply some shaders to the mapping to make it look better in terms of quality but keep everything else the same, and that should honestly wrap up any future jail-change subjects as we have tried many different layouts but always ended up getting the old one back so I'd say get the old one back and just be done with it forever.

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  • waste of space

  • I think we should just bring back the old jail as a whole and leave it as that. If we have two jails now, you are going to divide the server even more.

  • just bring us the old jail

  • Nano pls accept that this jail is not wanted, and reinstate the old. Then take sushii to The Winchester and wait for all this to blow over.

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  • I still stand by my point with the old jail mapping getting some updates like I mentioned before.

    *A door added between food court and Gym for both crimes and cops.
    *A cop only door to the backside of phone room with an added cop only door midway to the long hallway. (Crims can still use the other side of phone booths though to defend)
    *Move Warden spawn back to the yard, but keep the stairs to roof access
    *Add taller walls near the backside of old warden yard spawn so spawn killing / nades don’t / can’t happen (maybe disable nades in that area if possible in general)
    *Change the entrance interior layout

    I think that would balance the old jail layout perfectly fine to be honest and I’ve played this old mapping on both sides for many years.

  • Majority of criminals that get arrested have more than 36 stars. Cops will always go to arrest higher wanted level criminals for a bigger payout for the exact same amount of work. so majority of criminals that get arrested will be sent to the new jail that people don't like. But now with a split jail system there will be less people to help in a jailbreak because a quarter of jailed players would be in the old jail. Making the new jail even harder to escape from due to just less criminals to help. A split jail system would just create two dead jails like Daryl said.

  • Just bring back the old jail with the old system, No need for another jail

  • i dont know why you wanna stick so hard in that new jail i mean cmon you'll make it more worst, we wanted old jail to bring activity back and now you'll kill both cop and crime side with this idea bro, do we have really to make a double jaiilbreaks ? and lets be real this time, cops will keep camping the new jail cause the old jail is hard and the old jail will be easy to jailbreak and there will be no jailbreak , absolutly its gonna be waste of time and space too, so the solution is simple, bring old jail you can make changes if you want or not but the new jail isn't a deal and will never be

  • you making it worse by dividing players, especially in the last period when the server's activity dropped. just bring back old jail

  • Then why the hell did we choose this new jail? Didn't we choose it according to voting? And that most people voted yes because they liked it?

  • Why making it complicated, bring back the old jail, that's it as simple as that

  • Just remove this jail and bring kings home back (old jail) why you will put 2 jails il the server, we want this jail gone and you want to keep it in server. You thinking about putting 2 jails why you dont think about adding a bank or 2 look the numbers of official gangs in server now and that is better than 2 jails.

  • wow, ive to agree with what my favourite admin and GM said, which is very rare.

    the server peaks are 120-130 people and sometimes it goes up to 140, if theres something more specific to do. making two jails would be a complete nonsense, it might finish off everyone's hopes that the server could change in a better way.

    simply get back the old jail, WITHOUT ANY CHANGES. as i said in the previous topic, you can start discussions like this one if it happens again there to be 120 gang members and just 10 official squad members - if that happens we can discuss stuff such as wider jail (basically what Bazuka suggested, it is honestly a great idea), etc.

    at this point, simply get back the old jail.

  • Kill arrest in area outside jail 😃