In remembrance of Faker

  • Dear people of SAES,

    Me and Alliances have to inform you of a tragic incident.
    Our friend, Faker (Leader of S.A. Elite SEALs) died last night in a car accident.

    You might have known him as Faker, Roy, Lively or LEFT.
    He was playing soccer and afterwards he watched the champions league with a couple of friends. And around 11 pm they went for a drive with a car to the city centre.
    After a couple of minutes of driving, the driver lost control of the car and hit a tree. Two people died instantly, one of which was Faker. He was sitting in the middle of the back seat.

    He was a great guy, and although he was a pain in the ass sometimes, he was a great leader and an even better friend to us.
    He was always up for some fun and loved to play on SAES. He loved the idea of becoming a leader of a big squad.

    He was an inspiration to all of us, and we hate to say goodbye.

    So far, we do not have any idea of what we want to do with SEALs. One thing is for sure tho, we won't let it die.
    Sometime close in the future, we will hold a memorial for him in-game. More information regarding this will follow later.
    We hope to have informed you enough with this. If there are any questions, you can ask us on discord: Alliances#4331 and Alexie#9249.

    As for the activity of SEALs, it will most likely be less than before because of this, but we hope to be able to recover and continue playing as SEALs.

  • Oh my god, that is unfortunate. Cannot be real 😞
    I'm truly sad about this, rest in peace old chap... We'll miss you.


  • I'm realy so sad about that brother. rest in peace dude.We'll miss you 😞

  • Rest in peace faker... we will never forget you

  • Word’s cannot express the sadness we feel .rest in peace

  • God knows how much I am sad right now to hear this, It's always sad to see someone passing away especially If It's your friend, Faker my dear friend I'll never forget you and may you rest in peace brother ...

  • Ik wil graag mijn medeleven betuigen.

    Ik kende hem als Faker en hij was een aardig persoon. Als een mede Drenth leef ik mee met deze tragedie. Ik las het ongeluk eerder op het nieuws, maar had geen idee dat het Roy/Faker was. Het leven is voor sommigen veel te kort.

    Nogmaals sterkte in deze moeilijke tijd en ik wens nabestaanden extra sterkte toe.

    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Ps: Sorry for the Dutch language

  • I just saw he was online last night as SAI i think.
    Inna lilla hi wa inna ilai hi rajioon.

  • He watched the ucl match I hope that his team won.. Rip Faker. May your sould rest in peace.

  • I am very sad about that....Rest in peace faker, we will miss you

  • -Yesterday we was patrolling together. -No one knows who is next .
    Rest in peace Faker .

    @nori999 said in Fire Academy application - NORI - 11/09/2018:

    alt text
    SAFD Applicants activity 11.36 am / 19-09-2018
    Players: @Faker , @Tefa and @nori999
    alt text

  • Yesterday he plays and Today you hear that he died, here you know that life is short
    Rest in peace , may god have mercy on your soul

  • God damn, you never know what happens next. Never take anyone or anything for granted.

    He is in a better place now, may he Rest In Peace.

  • Sad news. Rest in peace, Faker.

  • rest in peace

  • He was a great guy, and a great player. Rest in peace Faker, we wont forget you !

  • Rest in peace 😞

  • Was such a fun personality.. God knows who he's gonna take and when. I'm extremely saddened and I just hope that his soul rests in peace.