SOLVED Changing the BR holding system!

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  • @sherap2-0 What kind of wishes do you have? Should we give the cops an admin panel directly? Currently, the admins are already trying to make life as good as possible for the cops. Giving cops armour permanently, even at the hospital, is ridiculous and would break the server. The goal is to make something balanced and not to give the cops everything up their ass. As you can see, 10 active cops are enough to stop the SR or 15-20 to stop a BR. It's not all in the system but also in the motivation of the cops.

    But guys, that's not the issue here. Let's stick to the topic and hope that the holding system will be changed and we will be able to BR again soon.

  • "BR holding" is not an intended concept, it was made possible because of a flaw in the script and is considered abuse of the BR system.

    BR becomes a BR once there is a sufficient number of gang members in the bank, who are in the process of cracking. Up until that moment the BR is nonexistent and can be overtaken by any other gang who shows up with the number of members required to initiate a BR. One player standing in a marker has no purpose.

    Reserving a bank for your gang in advance by sending one player over there or calling it in team chat is player made construct and not in any way encouraged or sanctioned by the rules. There is no reason for you to send one person over and risk alerting the police, you can simply not do that.

    Finally, we're currently working on means through which the event of cops switching spawns to prevent a BR should be made impossible or far more difficult.

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