Solved [CHANGE] Rule N° 1 of Turf wars

  • Hello everyone, the past few days I have noticed many players arguing about this rule:
    alt text
    Players started to shoot from outside the zone and when someone go and kill them, they start to arguing or even report
    This is an example:


    Spoiler Text
    Spoiler Text


    I suggest to delete this part of the rule:
    "-Either the attacker or the defender must be inthe turf zone at the time of engaging"
    If you are actively participating on the turf zone you can be perfectly killed
    Care with what Im saying, Im just talking about players being actively part of the turf war not killing everyone in sight.

  • +1 it needs to be changed,dont allow players to shoot outside the zone,or make it allowed if he is outside and we kill him outside too..

  • this shit became a pain in the ass, please do change that rule it doesn't make sense at all sometimes you can't shoot player who's outside zone and in good spot for example in angel pine junkyard zone when someone goes to MC top you can't have a clear eyes on him, same as many spots..

    alt text

  • Yea, at this point, people just bait reports most of the time or start a wide scale argument they stand a few meters outside of the zone and start reporting or casuing massive arguments.

  • I strongly agree with this since there are some spots outside the zone that are almost makes the shooter un-hittable without getting rushed , just like the car dealer in SF and CC zone (pretty sure most of you know how cancer is it ) , and guess what once you kill them outside they report you , so yeah better delete that rule .

  • Yes, regardless of whether or not both parties are inside/outside the zone, people should be allowed to shoot at those who are targeting their teammates at that moment and that should count as a sort of self defense. But it should stay disallowed to lose your shit and shoot at those whose only goal is to enter the zone as the opposite would become a total mess

  • +1

    • this rule if understood correctly creates silly situations during turfs as mentioned above

    Also before this rule was added turf participants were fighting outside of the war zone nearby it if they wished to counter each other, and it was perfectly fine, as long as they respected a proper radius around hospital areas where you shouldn't shoot or didn't start shooting too far from the turf zone, like over 400 meters or something.

  • Considering that attacking from outside is obviously participating actively in a turf war you should be allowed to kill anyone doing so. I don't think the "Either the attacker or the defender must be in the turf zone at the time of engaging" should be removed but reworded so it's clear you are not supposed to attack people who are on their way to the turf area but you are free to attack those who are already taking part actively (attacking already). Plus we don't get to face situations like in BC where people go walking to the turf and shoot eachother before even arriving to the zone, then cry.

  • You are driving to a turf zone, listening to radio SA and having get a headshot out of no where, your murderer is 200 meters away from you and you still didn't enter the zone, that sucks and unfun, this rule must get an update!!

  • shit i vote no but its a +1 😃

  • It would be better to just be inside the turf, I believe they meant you can shoot the opposite side if you were outside only to a very close distance to avoid people baiting reports, but since it got common to attack others from outside the range just got bigger and bigger until people start shooting a KM away from a zone which is extremely annoying and unexpectable, especially with the case that Garcia mentioned, when you're in an open arena like LV AP zone, attacker shooting behind a wall and you got no cover and the only thing you can do is throw a nade, if you don't have one then you're fucked.

  • so basicly there are a UE guy and a GSF guy sniping together from the same point outside the zone and they can't kill each other since they are afraid of getting reported , nice logic

  • If fighting outside the zone is allowed, many problems will arise and you cannot prevent it. Most likely they will shoot at players/cars whose sole purpose is to enter the zone. There is only one solution to this. Both sides must be inside the zone to kill each other.

  • This doesn't need to be a discussion, it's a @SAES-Gang-Manager rule and they have been made aware about the issue, I'll lock this until there's a response from one of them (or HQ)

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  • As per discussion & voting by gang HQs, the following rule is to be implemented in Turf wars rule #1

    Attackers outside the zone engaging defenders inside the turf zone may be attacked from outside the turf zone

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