Reporting Z|Nori

  • Hello, Good N/M/E/A, Today I was going to Z base to arrest Z|Nori, I was invading Z base with a shamal, I jumped with a parachute and I landed there, saw me while he was infront of me, He ran from me while i'm trying to catch him, He went into the restricted interior and avoided, After that he went to a disk, Killed himself and spawned at LV, He noticed me well that I was catching him he even told me cry away, So he meant avoiding.

  • Hi tamsou7 .. first of all i was in base already and your report only show how retarded that you're i mean you didn't chasing me outside and i run back to base in order to avoid so i'd like to tell you stop abuse rules to get those you hate into trouble ty :)))

  • @x99 LOL I was chasing you and you saw me well, You ran into a interior that I cannot go inside, So that means you are avoiding arrest by going into a restricted interior. and then you killed yourself to respawn at LV after avoiding.

  • use the /report ingame

  • Do you understand what i said or not? i was already in the base when you arrived yes i went into that interior but i was already in base, you wasn't chasing me from outside the base so what do you expect?
    btw are you that free to really create a report in forum for such a stupid case, go watch some cartoons or do something with your life i dont actually have the time to chat with you which means i'm not answering to this topic anymore.

    Rules 7 : Do not create false reports. You will receive the same punishment the victim of your false report would have.

  • @x99 Just let the admin answer and shut up

  • @mohamed-mostafa said in Reporting Z|Nori:

    @x99 Just let the admin answer and shut up

    You already have your answer. Rulebreaks are dealt with /report panel ingame.

    @snome said in Reporting Z|Nori:

    use the /report ingame

  • Also, to everyone else, read the forum rules.