SOLVED Reduce the time of donation changes

  • I think the 30 day period that you must wait after changing your donation is a little bit excessive. I don't know if this is a marketing trick to get us to donate to get a different vehicle faster but it should be reduced by a bit. Down to either 15 or 20 days.

    Sometimes you just would like a different car to have at your location or maybe you're in need of a plane, there aren't many downsides to us the ''community'' if this would go thru.

    Yet everything about this is ultimately up to the SAES HQs.

  • Clan voted heavily in favour of keeping the current timeline of 30 days

  • I think the reason behind this period is to prevent hoopers from spamming this feature.. Imagine changing donations every 15 days
    That would be a mess

  • Personally I think that would be a disaster, some players would abuse changing the donations every 15 days, not to mention that it would be a lot of work for the admins.

    Sometimes I have also felt dissatisfied after changing a donation, but it is my responsibility and that is how it works.

    In addition to this, I have a suggestion . There should be a script (or add option in /dvm) so that players can change donation cars without the need for an admin. The administrator should only add a donation vehicle spawn or donation space in front of the donator property and allow it to change every 7 days. Obviously the vehicle should always be spawned how it currently works. Technically it would be the possibility that donors can change their vehicle without the need for an administrator, only the first time when the vehicle donation space is added.

  • Me personally, I do sometimes do reward changes, even if the 30 days mark has not been hit, and I think I'm not the only admin doing that, cause I think we are understanding too, as long as it is not like abused and a new change is requested over and over again. Specially understanding if gang base moved, house sold or so on, so don't think we are 100% strict in doing that.
    But yeah, at the same time, preventing people from abusing it. Also, there are quite a lot of requests coming in daily, and there is sometimes even a queue in game of pms for reward changes.

    About a script, changing vehicle type maybe would work, but we would still have to save initially to a location, cause imagine the mess if people can save the vehicles themselves.

  • Created a poll on the private forums, will try and get some traction and get a response to this topic.

  • Clan voted heavily in favour of keeping the current timeline of 30 days

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