Best admin EVER :3

  • See this first:

    I'm sorry but I had to do it.
    One to be whatever, at least one administrator, must be understanding and not be spiteful.
    Are they telling you something? Are they begging you for help? Well, calm down, investigate, talk with that person, come to an agreement, do not be a fool, come on, it's not difficult.
    The first administrators to whom I mentioned my problem on the game, were kind, they knew how to listen and they recommended me what to do it in a fucking patient and pleasant way.
    I still have a good reference from the two of them, but from Hesha, I'm really surprised that he is an administrator.
    I'm sorry if someone feels bothers but i had to.
    I'm a journalist and what I hate the most is to keep quiet, it's no use.
    It is my humble opinion.
    Have a good week.

  • fuckyou123 @Hesha

  • So your appeal got denied yet you logged in today? 🤔

  • Naughty

  • @Raulopapu Yes, maybe its true that there was a error with the serial which got acknowledged by mta developers but as a Admin in SAES you dont have access to that, so there was no way for the admin to be sure that you were not lying, yes Hesha could have looked more into the matter but as admins gets many ban appeals where people lie in similar ways to get unbanned so Hesha just took what you said as a lie and didnt look more into it which was a mistake true but afterall Admins are Humans too and they might make mistakes at some points but that doesnt mean that you talk down to them and send PMs saying that they arnt fit for thier title like you did, I am sure if u went to hesha after getting your serial error sorted with proofs of it then he would have looked into it.

    This topic is just you bragging about how you turned out to be right and the admin made a mistake so he doesnt deserve the title.
    At the end remember hes a human too just like everyone else and as you know we arnt perfect.
    And you maybe a Journalist but this is bullshit, If you see someone making a mistake go talk to them and help them sort it not post in public and talk down on them in PMs.

  • FOX News tier journalist.

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  • @Hesha u bad admin bro

  • the new chrome visual update sucks so bad

  • @teddy said in Best admin EVER :3:

    the new chrome visual update sucks so bad


  • Pretty sure I still did the right thing.

    A guy was deathmatching, breaking the rules, being a cunt and spamming the mainchat. And when I tried to talk to him, he just logged off.

    Not to mention that when you messaged me, you told me that I'm a fool. What am I supposed to say? Noted with thanks? At least I answered back instead of full on ignoring.

    And @Barry-Allen he didn't turn out to be right. He simply didn't provide the proof to back his claims.

    I still stand by my ban and he can appeal at the given date with the proof he had. Until then, I will investigate the matter further.