The Oddboyz ~ Level 1
By Blade, in Gangs

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    The Oddboyz is a San andreas street racing association that hosts illegal top speed themed races on the San Andreas. It was formed by Blade and Bunny, 16/09/2018

    The Oddboyz wasn't like it used to be. Few years ago, Oddboyz was named Fastboyz, and was actually an normal racing group. They participated in real races, but after dominating the world's bracket, they chose to abandon the racing. There was no more the same excitement at it used to be.

    As we were seeking for new style of life, we came up almost being hit by two cars. Modified to the max, fast speed. That's when we knew what we had to do. That's our way to find the excitement what we were looking for.

    We started tuning our cars and motorbikes, pimping them. We decided to make our main color dark orange, as it used to be. As we were tuning our cars, outsiders got an interest of our doings. They started asking if we could also work on their cars, tune em, make them faster. It seems like we weren't the only ones interested in action thrilled lifestyle. Slowly even more people came up, joining our hosted races. Some got arrested, some won, some barely got away from the polices. That's what makes it exciting. You never know what's going to happen next. But one thing is for sure; When you see barriers on the streets, you know shit is about to go down!


    Gang Name: The Oddboyz
    Gang DoB: 17/9/2018
    Gang Tag: ToB|
    Gang Money: 30,000,000$
    Gang Base: West Los Santos Underground parkinglot
    Gang Color: Dark Orange #884900
    Gang Motto: When you see barriers on the streets, you know shit is about to go down!
    Gang Role: The Oddboyz is a street racing gang. We close streets and burn a lot of tires.
    Gang Members Count: 7
    Gang Discord:
    Gang Media Archive:
    Gang Wannabe tag: ToB-H|
    Gang Properties:

    The Oddboyz Base:
    alt text
    alt text
    A parkinglot and hotel.
    alt text
    A parkinglot at the LV Trainstation
    alt text
    The Oddboyz Mansion:
    alt text


    You abide the server rules.
    You are not a cunt.
    You stay in character when roleplaying.


    Leader [L] : The leader of the gang.
    ViceLeader [VL]: The right hand of the gang leader.
    HQ [HQ]: The HQ of the gang. These bad boys control the gang mostly.
    Organizer [O]: The Organizers of the gang. These guys plan and execute race events.
    **Blacklist Member [#number]: The most notorious racers. There are only 15 spots in this rank. You have to race against the rank above you in order to gain ranks. You don't have to be in the gang to be on the blacklist. When someone challenges you to a race. He can earn your spot.
    Challenger [C] : The challenger challenges the blacklist #15 spot. Once the guy has won he will be able to challenge other Blacklist members for their spot.
    Racer [R]: A challenger in the making. This guy will learn how to race properly and one day challenge Blacklist Members.
    Mechanic [M]: Every street race gang needs their mechanics. They know every vehicle in and out.
    Member [*] : The "Probation" rank of The Oddboyz. We have welcomed you in the gang.
    VIP [VIP]: Outsiders that have helped us.


    Leader :

    ViceLeader :

    HQ :

    Organiser :

    Blacklist Member:

    Challenger :

    Racer :


    Member :

    VIP :


    Date of Birth:
    Community Join Date:
    What are your unique qualities you can offer:
    What difficulties would you face:
    Additional Information about yourself:

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