Illegal truck driving

  • Hey, everyone!

    I played a long while back and when I returned today I found there were no more illegal trucking missions. 😞
    Any word on why they were removed? I really liked to do that back in the day and kiiiiiiiiiinda got back just to do some illegal trucking. Trucking as it is right now is a little.. boring.


  • It has been replaced with trucker v2. Which is a lot better imo, custom trailers and stuff like that. way more variety 😛

  • @blade maybe add some illegal jobs for some more $$ to the listings? I liked the thrill of police chasing me when trucking. Right now, I might as well just play San Andreas on my own - there's little to no interaction between me and the rest of the players when driving.

    I do like the custom trailers though, GJ on those!

  • The old trailers are a lot more durable in terrain and small roads than the new ones due to their dimensions. I can't see how you're going to fit your load into a police chase regardless of where in the map you may be

  • @tut-greco whilst you are correct (had some finnicky moments today while trucking with trailers clipping through the floor and what not, could imagine this happening during a chase) I really liked to bring a weapon and when stopped, having a battle with the person that stopped me. I didn't really care for losing the load or going to jail, it was just a lot more fun and interactive than trucking is right now!

  • We could make the illegal truck driving for criminals only maybe.
    And if 2 was in the truck then the prize will be shared between them so 1 driving and the other shoot the cops