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Greetings SAES Community.

I recently became apart of an unofficial gang named Tail~Draggers which is led by Zekeriya and Glitchman which is based around racing. I got addicted to drifting around the city and I thought to myself, maybe there are other racers as well that love the adrenaline that they get after drifting a clean turn.
I present to you, TeriyakiBoyz.
It is not a gang nor a group, it's just a little community where we could discuss drifting, speed, cars and so on. We will plan car meets, road trips, car shows which are presented by us and the prize is from us too. This is nothing serious, we just want to have some fun together. So, if you're interested, you may join our discord server and become a member of us!
TeriyakiBoyz discord server:

Have a great day.