3 Months nitro free

  • You can install epic games and get nitro for 3 months for discord, You need to use your credit card / PayPal to get it.

  • You are 1 day late, also you forgot to mention that its for first time nitro users only.

  • Here is a better deal, download Amazon application for mining, make sure to have a good PC (GTX or plus, i3 or plus), the more time you mine, the more you get, watch a video about it to learn more, They have agreement with discord, so once you get your 5$ you will be able to buy a nitro without Paypal / Credit Card.

  • @scaletta Basically they make bank out of your rig whilst you only get Nitro and waste more money on electricity + ur Graphics card life expectancy is shortened.
    Better idea would be just buying it :buffkys: