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  • Hello
    My name is Thunder im 27 years old from Jordan
    I live in the capital city of Jordan , i work for government as customs officer , im married for 2 years 🙂 , i have achieved everything i want in my life basically i can say i live my dream life .
    My hobbies is playing Multi theft auto sometimes and game called Yuri revenge 😁 ofc when i have time for that .
    i started playing MTA before years ago between 2008 - 2010 i guess.
    I played like normal guy then i started to learn development of mta servers , after years i became the owner of successful server back then , until i moment i told myself to stop focusing on game to not losing my life.
    These days i decided to see SAES and play on this great server after some videos i saw.
    Nice to meet you people and i hope i gain some friends and pls some help ingame im newbie like a player , was developer in my past life of MTA 😉

  • Welcome to SAES, enjoy your time!

  • Nice to meet you, welcome!

  • Welcome, GO play Mario :cooldoge: if you need any help feel free ms in my dc bro hf

  • Nice to see you too good sir we'd more than happy to hear from you around!

  • You're hot