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    T~D History

    In the mid 1980s to late 1990s, there was a street racing team that gave life to
    San Andreas highways during the hours past midnight. There is little evidence of their existence with the exception of very few videos, photos and magazines that covered their activities. Despite the limited resources, they indeed existed.The team is known as the Tail~Draggers. They held a strict code of ethics in a world where street racing is known for recklessness as well a high illegality, built machines capable of reaching speeds near or beyond 200mph, and engaged in top speed endurance races on the Wangan expressway.
    Meeting spots were advertised as miscellaneous services in the classified section of newspapers to avoid attention from law enforcement. If an individual found the meeting spot, it wasn’t easy to become a member of the team. The club required that members vehicles had to be able to reach a minimum speed of 160mph with 190mph being the average racing speed. However, having a fast car wasn’t enough to join. Initiates of the club went through a very demanding and lengthy recruitment process.The new members had to prove that they could race responsibly with proper driving etiquette at high rates of speed without posing a threat to other motorist or team members. These requirements made it extremely difficult for prospects join, but allowed for the team to consist of highly skilled drivers. These high standards are due to the teams strong priority for the safety of others before their own in their high risk activities and made it hard for cops to catch them. Once a part of the team, members weren’t allowed to disclose any personal information with other members or speak of the activities outside of the club.
    In order to race reliability at high speeds for long duration of time without sacrificing handling capabilities, many members invested in tuning their cars above and beyond their original capacities. This was during the pinnacle of the Cuban cars tuning industry. Many of the cars built in the Tail~Draggers garage reached engineering capabilities that were ahead of their time and still have the ability to outperform modern sports cars. To put things into perspective, modern supercars are barely starting to achieve top speeds beyond 200mph. However, modern supercars can’t maintain those speeds for long amounts of time.

    T~D Roles

    Tail draggers is an illegal street racing organization, which brings together the best racers from all over san andreas. We organise illegal street races, and offer transportation.

    Transport - We offer transport of goods to other gangs such as, weapons, drugs and dmuggled goods. The price of transport depends on how illegal the cargo is. The more risk the more money.

    Races - Our organization participates and organizes many illegal and legal races all over San Andreas. We do the legal races for the cover, to launder our money.

    Drug dealing - Dealing drugs is another way for us to earn some cash. We are responsible for some of the drugs on streets.

    Importing - We import cars from overseas most of the time from China and Germany, when the cars reach San Andreas we try to sell those to different people, squads, gangs, companies for double the price

    T~D Roster

    (He's the one above them all, He's the leader and the boss of the gang, He runs everything and responsible of all the major Issues)

    Vice Leader
    (He's the right hand of the leader, He always helps him with everything in the gang, and he's the acting leader when the leader isn't around)

    (They are the ones who are helping the Leader and vice with almost everything and they are the best of the bests, they are always around even when the leader and vice aren't around, they handle the members and help them with everything and they're also responsible of the gang when the leader and vice aren't around)

    Veteran Racer Tag: VR
    (Respected members or old members from the club , they give opinions about what to do)

    Captain Tag: CPT
    (This person got a responsability to organise the races at night)

    Racer Tag: R
    (He is starting doing some races and earn some cash)

    (Someone who has recently joined the gang)*

    T~D Information

    Gang Founders: Zekeriya - Glitchman
    Gang Leader/Viceleader: Zekeriya / Glitchman
    Gang HQ Team: Nubbob and Amara.
    Gang name: Tail Draggers
    Gang Panel: Tail~Draggers
    When we created it: 15-09-2018
    Motto: We Ride Till The Wheels Go Flat
    Discord link: https://discord.gg/qNN5KNW
    Color Code: #FF6666
    Gang level: 0
    Gang Alliances: Overdose Crime
    Gang tags: [T~D]Name|Rank
    Gang value: 30,000,000+
    Our helpers tag : 129|

    T~D Properties

    Tail Draggers Base

    T~D Base

    Tail Draggers Double Docks

    T~D Double Docks

    Tail Draggers Hangout


    T~D Media

    Direct link to the Media Archive topic of Tail Draggers: Click here

    T~D Application


    • Nickname:
    • Username:
    • Age:
    • Nationality:
    • Languages you can speak:
    • How long have you been playing on SAES?:
    • Do you have past experience with other gangs/squads/companies? (name them):
    • Reasons for gettin kicked/left:
    • Rate your driving skills:
    • Why do you want to join us?:
    • Anything else you want to add?:


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