Sanfara's ban appeal

  • Nickname: Sanfara
    Username: midoprock
    Ban Date: 04/24/2021
    Banned By: @Daryl
    Your MTA:SA serial: E46F16A22706E6BD5BB0C0559AC2D893
    Ban Reason: Multi-accounting
    Why should we unban you?:
    First of all I want to start this paragraphe with I never have been banned before in this server, I have been playing peacefully for over 2 years since I have came back without any punishments related to ''bans'', Second thing, I am not multi accounting here since I do have 1 account I use my self and I have a good rule knewledge in the server, it all started in August 2020, When my cousin who lives pretty far from our living area wanted to create an account in this server, I was not supporting this but I gave it a try, as you can see below I created a ticket in SAES discord and I wrote the story, I mentionned him as my brother just to not be specific about it, @Tut-Greco and a staff I forgot who was he allowed me, after that I have talked more about it with @JojoDb who has explained the situation much deeply, after that the account have been created successfully and ready to use, I will not hide the fact that I used that account in the biginning for over 10 hours approx, because I knew that my cousin's english is pretty bad since he is 9 years old, after a while from his gameplay We lost network and he went back to his house since he had school and stuffs to do, 1 month or 2 ago, We had a holiday for 1 week and a half, he came to our home and opened his account, of course I have asked Jojo for a permession to do that and he allowed me and said ''if he is goin to use his own account, which happened, he was an applicant for Gen-X and I had to help him so he can join, I played for a very and I mean very short time in his account till he joined, then I kept using my own account which is ''midoprock'', holiday ended and he went back to his home, later on he came back since we do have a lock down here, he came to passed it here, he got invited to O since X was dead and things went in that way till I / him got banned.
    Also I wanted to shut down my account and keep using one account since I noticed that my cousin wont cause troubles if We play in 1 account but I had that intention gone after becoming a Vice Leader in TST.
    I will also like to mention that my cousin was playing in a SA-MP server as he said in a cyber cafe, that might explain why he has a little bit of knewledge around the server.
    I also though that other admins know that I am sharing my PC with someone else no?

  • This is pretty much all lies, I have proof of the opposite of what you're saying. We both know it's your on both accounts, I even have the chat logs of you admitting it.

    I'm not wasting my time making some big expose response. If you admit to it we can have a discussion and move on but if you continue to lie you wont be granted any amnesty.

    Your next response better be a good one!

  • sent in a discord message, I admit that I was using both of the accounts...