Nickname: Bangas
Username: jmyx
Ban Date: i am not sure but I found out i was banned on 09/03/2021.
Banned By: Brophy
Your MTA:SA serial: CCD3DB68E583A55EDEB74D0C8EE5DB84
Ban Reason: Admin on a Copy server
Why should we unban you?: Since the creation of the server one of the demands that I made was not to use any scripts from other servers, I did not check every single script and indeed there was couple stuff from saes. I´d like to apolagize for that mistake, also as soon as we found that, we closed the server that was not my porpouse. I belive that Brophy is aware that I always wanted to make our server clean taking in consideration the private chat we had. Anyways I´d like to apolagize once more, there is nothing I can appeal to defend me. I´d like to ask for a second chance since, I´ll make sure this type of situation doesn't happen again.