Reporting SAFP|Cat|Pvt-Fc

  • Name : SAFP|Cat|Pvt-Fc
    Reported for : Gameplay Rules (#5)
    this was happening during a bankrob, in the video we can hear perfectly the siren of the bank, and he was trying to marker arrest me while i was joining inside(the 2 hits of tazer), then inside was trying to marker kill me , (where we can hear from 2 shots of the tactical)
    Proof :

  • Greetings. Firstly this shouldn't have been taken to the forums, but rather reported ingame using the /report command.
    Furthermore, he didn't taze you when you were in the marker, he tried to stop you from entering it which is totally alright.

    Secondly, he shot you after you had long left the marker with Combat Shotgun
    Neither of your claims are valid according to the evidence provided and this report is null.

    Please review the ingame rules at a greater depth and try using /report next time ingame.

    Thank you

  • Closing in agreement with @JohnnyEnglish