Bank Robbery Stats - February Edition!

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    Dear Citizens,

    As another month has come to an end we must yet again reflect on the crime rate in San Andreas, specifically in the area of Bank Robberies.

    Over the course of January there were a total of 393 incidents at Banks across San Andreas. This is a 32.77% increase in the same incidents from January 2021. With this massive increase in incidents in the shorter month of February compared to January, all Law Enforcement must remain on high alert for the coming month of March.

    The Intelligence Unit of Homeland Security has been hard at work identifying the major players in these incidents and have discovered that the most likely culprit is @Underground-Empire for a second month running, with 51 recorded incidents.

    This is however not the biggest threat to face the banking industry across San Andreas. Whilst the Law Enforcement agencies of San Andreas were unable to stop any Bank Robberies attributed to the organisations @Tuga-Thugs and Black Bullets, we are happy to report that even their attempts combined together only total 17. The second most succesful organisation with a higher rate of incident was @Organization-Zero with 97.5% of their attempts being succesful followed by @The_Outfit with 26 succesful robberies, however the brave men and women of Law Enforcement succesfully scuppered 1 of their attempts respectively.

    The organisation with the most amount of failed attempted Bank Robberies was @Medellín-Cartel with the lowest % chance of success going to @Los-Lunas thanks to the incredible work of Law Enforcement.

    This month the Intelligence Division also delved into the time of these robberies. We have found that generally attempts in later intervals yield a worse police response, resulting in consistent succesful attacks.

    21.12% of all attempted robberies took place in the AM, from 00:00 -> 12:00. There are 5 organisations listed below which bring this % up heavily and should be closely monitored in the AM hours. Robberies during this period are exceptionally likely to succeed leading to these organizations targeting these times.

    For a full breakdown of the findings of the Intelligence Division please see below;

    We have also been able to determine the impact on each individual branch.

    We can say with certainty that the most commonly attacked bank is the branch located in Roca Escalante, Las Venturas for a second month running.

    This branch was attacked a total of 74 times in February with 70 of those attacks resulting in no suspects apprehended. This is a 20% increase in success from the month of January. The likelihood of stopping an ongoing incident by Law Enforcement in Las Venturas is only 5.41%.

    Law Enforcement's luck turned up more in Palamino Creek, Red County where we managed to apprehend suspects participating in 15of the 59 incidents in February. This is still a marked increase in overall success compared to the month of January.

    Overall the success rate of these incidents has increased by 13% compared to January. It is now 85.75% likely on average that a bank robbery attempt will succeed.

    For a full breakdown please see below;

    These ongoing incidents are continually being monitored and all possible actions are being put in place to ensure the safety of the Citizens of San Andreas.

    We will continue to update you on any developments.

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