New Jail - How to jailbreak
By Steven, in Tutorials

  • As you guys probably know now, there is a new jail mapping. It may seem confusing at first but here is how it works.
    (Jail mapped by @Zwolle)

    Here is a map of the jail:

    Opening cells:

    In order to open the cells you will need to enter the control room and step into the North marker by the control deck.

    Opening red doors:

    In order to open the red doors to the cell block you must have one person stand in the South marker by the control deck. and then one person standing in the control panel by the red door you want to be opened. So you will need at least two people to open the red doors.

    Control panels for red doors

    Alternate Escape - Vents:

    There is an alternate escape that is located in the north east corner of the cell block, inside the cell with the broken door.

    In the back corner of this cell there is a vent cover that can be opened by doing the mini game located in the generator room:

    Here is a video of the mini game and escaping through the vents:

    As you can see in the video to complete the minigame you have to press all of the green squares. Once you do this the vent will open. But be aware that the vents are very hot and you will lose HP rapidly while you are inside of them, so you must run through the vents quickly to survive.

    Here is a more detailed map made by @Daryl :

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