New Jail

  • As some have already noticed, we have decided to introduce a new jail mapping!

    We, as a clan have thought that the old jail was outdated and we felt that a new replacement was necessary. With this new jail mapping, comes a more advanced gameplay between cops and criminals.

    Considering that this new mapping will bring a lot of attention, you may find it hard to figure out what exactly has been introduced within but give it time and play around with it to see how it works.

    We would like to thank @Zwolle for his amazing job at mapping the jail and allowing a much overdue gameplay improvement within the jail.

    Adding onto this, some of you will most likely see that we have also introduced a new AJ called โ€˜Brophyโ€™s Sin Cellโ€™ but hopefully you will never have to see the inside of it. (F1 read rules)

    We welcome any feedback/bug reports on this topic but we do request you give it in an appropriate manner.

    Expect balancing changes/updates on the jail as required soon!

    Have fun and enjoy!

    alt text

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  • any map?

  • @cristian i posted the link on this topic which has the design of the map ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Thanks @sushii ๐Ÿ˜

  • Can we get 1 week time to check/test the new jail without adminjails if we somehow break any rule?

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  • @marksman said in New Jail:

    Can we get 1 week time to check/test the new jail without adminjails if we somehow break any rule?

    what kind of rules you could possibly break?
    jail doesnt have tram i guess

  • @fenter
    with the new prison warden spawn its gonna just cause more spawn kill rulebreak

  • The new mapping is definitely better than the old one, however the implementation is very heavily favored in cop side, which makes jailbreaking unfun for criminals. Imo the following things need to change to make jailbreaking enjoyable in the new jail:

    -Make it so the cells and red gates open as fast as they did in the old jail, the current opening speed makes it impossible to open both before cops respond, since cops get notified as soon as a criminal enters the jail.
    -Move the red door markers to the small gaps at the end of the corridors (, since their current positioning makes it impossible for people to use them without being shot/killed by cops using cover at the entrances.
    -Revert the red door opening mechanism to the way it was in the old jail, so you only need to open the red door from the keypad next to it rather than having to toggle it from computer room.
    -Restrict HLS from attending JBs, unless there's a CLO. The mapping is more balanced now so there's no need for them.
    -Make it so the vent only reduces your HP if you stay in the vent area for more than 10 seconds.

    That's my personal feedback on the new jail, though I'm sure a lot of people who jailbreak actively agree with it. Remember, jailbreaking is the funniest activity on the server, making it unfun would ruin the gameplay experience for a lot of people.

  • @garcia said in New Jail:

    with the new prison warden spawn its gonna just cause more spawn kill rulebreak

    let him turn on his brain..
    oh wait if he has one

  • @ammar i agree with you 100% and i would to add this

    so when someone quickly jbing solo for friend or smth ..
    as we see this is the only port who should use ..

    and since cops get notified for respond just imagine playing this shitty minigame and cops behind you .. by respawning close to jail marker manytime

    also the vent passage make u low hp or killed so if crims block each others inside the vent passage will RIPerino and back to jail :)))

    So please remove that or Fix it as suitable way to use

    alt text

  • @kuby I understand what you're getting at and I can also see that this may frustrate you. The whole idea of the minigame is because we wanted to make it difficult for you to break people out alone. I think some people do forget that this is a jail and that it will prove to be somewhat hard. But if you compile a team, together you can regain it. Regarding the vent taking your HP, this was designed to prevent people from camping in there, being afk or deciding to sell which would block the whole vent system. We want something that would make the player get out without having a blocked passage. I love the feedback you gave! But we had these ideas to help with preventing what happened previously in the old jail design. We are working on fixing and improving the minigame, but currently the markers and games you see are just a probationary period to see how the players would react and how this would help improve gameplay ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I do find the new jail to be way more balanced than it used to. As Sushii said, jail breaking alone isnt that much of logical so I dont see anything bad in the need of more than 1 criminal to start one. My only suggestion would be to disable the ability to throw nades in the prison yard. When criminals are overflowing it really makes the prison warden spawn unplayable, you spawn and there are lot of nades everywhere that kill you or lower your health so much that, as soon as you enter jail, you get killed by a shot of Colt. Anyway I find this jail more entertaining and I love it, great job!

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  • @mr-togna21 said in New Jail:

    jail breaking alone isnt that much of logical

    i still dont understand why people care about reality/logic in a server that has Energy drinks that makes you run fast as Hermes

  • @fenter those are 2 completly different things, you shouldnt mix logic with making people enjoy the various plugins that the server can offer. Drugs such as speed, weed and lsd all have weird effects that we can agree are not logical at all, but they are a great escamotage to let people get benefits in a "realistic" way. Jailbreaking, on the other hand, is a criminal activity that, such as brs or pbrs, should need a group to be started. Plus I think that everyone has atleast 1 friend to Jb with. Playing both as a criminal and as a cop I don't see that much of an issue imo.