Bank Robbery Stats - January Edition!

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    Dear Citizens,

    As another month has come to an end we must yet again reflect on the crime rate in San Andreas, specifically in the area of Bank Robberies.

    Over the course of January there were a total of 296 incidents at Banks across San Andreas. This is a 6.32% drop in the same incidents from January 2020. We are seeing the counter measures being put in place by Law Enforcement take a small impact on these incidents on a year over year basis.

    The Intelligence Unit of Homeland Security has been hard at work identifying the major players in these incidents and have discovered that the most likely culprit is @Underground-Empire who conducted 52 attacks on banks in the month of January.

    This is however not the biggest threat to face the banking industry across San Andreas. Notorious criminal unit @The_Outfit - despite performing less attacks have a significantly higher success rate, in fact they have the highest success rate of any criminal enterprise. This will be an area of focus for Homeland Security and indeed all Law Enforcement for February.

    Due to the incredible work of Law Enforcement there are two criminal organisations who are more likely to be apprehended in their attack on a bank than get away free. These are @CripZ and @Los-Lunas with success rates of 37.5% and 22.2% respectively.

    For a full breakdown of the findings of the Intelligence Division please see below;

    We have also been able to determine the impact on each individual branch.

    We can say with certainty that the most commonly attacked bank is the branch located in Roca Escalante, Las Venturas.

    This branch was attacked a total of 71 times in January with 53 of those attacks resulting in no suspects apprehended. (74.65%).

    However, whilst only being attacked 63 times, the branch located in Financial, San Fierro resulted in the least amount of stopped incidents. With 54 of the 63 attacks resulting in no suspects apprehended. (85.71%)

    Law Enforcement's luck turned up more in Palamino Creek, Red County where we managed to apprehend suspects participating in 16 of the 39 incidents in January.

    For a full breakdown please see below;

    These ongoing incidents are continually being monitored and all possible actions are being put in place to ensure the safety of the Citizens of San Andreas.

    We will continue to update you on any developments.

  • @Groove nice BRs :AAAAA:

  • Imagine sf in front FBI i mean in front Daryl eye it have most success 85.71 and second is LV 74.65 after added new marker :crank: :bonjour: :bonjour:


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  • wondering who's the gang with the best BR stats this month 😉

  • @ncovv said in Bank Robbery Stats - January Edition!:

    wondering who's the gang with the best BR stats this month 😉

    not M tho HEHE