Ricos Puertonuevo

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    Passport Informations
    Full name: Ricos Alexander Sanchez Puertonuevo
    Gender: male
    Date of birth: 12/01/1993
    Height: 1,77
    Hair color: dark brown
    Eyes color: brown
    Skin color: olive
    Particular traits: missing left hand pinkie
    Place of Birth: Montgomery, Red County, San Andreas
    Currently resident at: USA, San Andreas, Red County, Montgomery, in a trailer
    Nationality: USA citizen
    Family status: celibate

    Curriculum Vitae
    Education: high school's diploma
    Specialty: bartending, cooking, managing small business
    Additional expertises: able to understand and fluently talk Spanish, qualified chef assistant, skilled shooter and attended a self defense training
    Current place of work: Slave Trade's Cafe in Montgomery, Red County
    Criminal record:
    -got busted at age 19 while trying to steal an expensive car, served 6 months of social works
    -got jailed at 21 for selling drugs (varying from REDACTED to REDACTED), served 1 year in jail thanks to good behaviour
    -got arrested at 23 during a police blitz in a clandestine gambling den, later released as he was working there as a waiter
    -currently under police investigation due to some suspicious activities connected to his Cafe

    Personal Informations
    Ricos Puertonuevo was born and raised in Montgomery, the poor side of Red County, by his spanish Father, the mother left them when he was only 2 years old. Due to his not caring father, Ricos soon started to seek attention in a criminal group formed by some mexican immigrants, he soon learnt that they were a renegade part of the bigger and influent gang Los Santos VAGOS. He started to team up with them, only to realise later on that he was being used, they would make him do all the most dangerous tasks, such as delivering drugs in dangerous areas, and bring messages to enemy gangs. Soon Ricos was taken hostage by an enemy motorcycle club and completly abandoned by those he called "mates". Proving nothing more than pity towards that small boy, the MC gang cut off his left hand pinkie as a warning and let him go. The following years Ricos still dedicated himself to criminal activities, only to stop after being arrested for the 3rd time. He decided to attend a cooking and bartending course and open a much needed Cafe in his place of birth. After some hard work he was finally able to buy, for a suspiciously low price, an old bar called "Slave Trade", he made some changes to convert it into a Cafe and fastly opened it to the public. The Cafe was sure a great hit, many people enjoy the warm and welcoming atmosphere of it, but still during the night, some shady activities have taken place in its back. Many started to rumor that Ricos isn't completly out of his criminal past and that he may be trafficking illegal good, or who knows what, and as this voices reached the town's Sheriff, an investigation immediatly started. Since then the misterious meetings seem to have reduced drastically, and Ricos justifies them saying that they are simple "night restock". As of now his Cafe is skyrocketing and everyone in Montgomery knows of him.

    Postcard from Slave Trade's Cafe


  • Ricos diary, 03/02/2021 update:
    Today while I was working at my Cafe I received an urgent call from an unknown number, after understanding that it was going to be a request for "that" sort of business, I went in the Cafe back and answered calmly. On the other side of the phone there was a criminal who didn't identify himself, only saying that he was part of a gang, and that one of his mates was recently arrested by an undercover officer that was taking him to San Fierro Police Department. Having I signed a special deal to acquire the Cafe from its previous shady owner, whose name is REDACTED, I HAD to help the caller. After getting in my feltzer, I hurried to Los Santos-Whetstone highway where the caller had already set up a road block. As soon as the van approached, the driver panicked and was shot down, only to be thrown in the river flowing underby. The gang member set free his mate and in a hurry we all jumped from the bridge to reach an hydroplane that was specifically requested by the caller himself. Us three escaped fastly from the crime scene, leaving no trace behind. I came back to my Cafe just in time to serve the last customers.