Reporting Nishki

  • Hello readers, I just want you to see this clip that just happened half an hour ago

    Now my question is: How can this not be punished when clearly me and Candi didnt had any chance to move from there, getting insta tazed by this cop?

    The rule says it only counts on bank markers, but how can this be fair gameplay, even if it was criminals killing cops on the same situation, it doenst make any sense

    alt text

    Thank you for reading this and I hope this gets changed

  • How it has anything to do with reporting a rulebreaker while you've been told that it's NOT a rule break (based on gameplay server rule #5), if you're willing to suggest a rule/rule change you can do it here: other than that you're reporting a player in the second time while he didn't break any server rule.

  • Can you tell me how can this be fair for people playing?
    How can he insta taze people getting out of an interior, claiming he counted 3 secs after tazing us?

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  • Fair or not, it has nothing to do with this section, you're reporting a player for the second time while you've been told that it's allowed.

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  • Closing in agreement with @Element