• I just saw Raf0's suggestion about the advertisements and they started mentioning the chat spam.

    I had an idea, a golden one but I am not sure if its even possible to implement.
    I'm sure most of you guys have probably played WoW because the idea comes from there.

    The chat panel there looks like this:
    alt text

    What if we had the exact same thing, but for:
    All + Local chat + CC
    Party chat + PMs
    Advertisements chat

    The idea is to make the chat more clean and good looking, while still being efficient. We could maybe switch the tabs with altgr and the mouse. Let me know if its possible on the first place and if you like it!

  • If there will be an option to stay with the current system while the interested ones could choose this one, then fine.

  • It would be more unnecessary switching for me at least. Prob wont use it myself, but by all means, if made optional, i dont see why not to implement something like that.

  • This feature was suggested many times back in time with few differences. Would aid the roleplayers, hopefully it gets accepted this time

  • Can this even be done? @Scorpyo

    +1 from me if it can!

  • Thanks for the awesome support folks!

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