So I've been thinking about this for a while now, I've searched the active suggestions and couldn't find any suggestion relevant to this one. We all know that unless you reach level 5 as an official gang, you don't get weapons that'd be sufficient for your daily activities such as DMing, store robberies, VIP's, etc...

In the State Trooper spawn, I realized that you can deposit your M4, sniper, combat shotgun (and these are weapons that you don't get from the original spawn), or whatever you decide to take. If the state trooper spawn allows us to deposit our guns after we use them, why wouldn't that be the case for gangs with levels ranging from 1 to 4 (or 5 alternatively)? In my humble opinion, we should be able to deposit our weapons because as an example, when you go out turfing, you have to withdraw a lot of weapons if you don't want to pause and get more weapons which is bad for your turf progress.

I'll keep this short, what I suggest is that make us able to deposit weapons which are not spawn weapons. For example, the NwA spawn gives colt, tec-9, sawn off shotgun. We take m4, combat shotgun and sniper. We should be able to drop the weapons that we took. When you have to change spawns, the weapons that you've taken (especially when you have whopping amounts of ammo on you) disappear, and it's kinda sad.

(P.S. I know nothing about scripting so maybe this is very hard to script? But I do know that the MTA:SA platform offers a wide range in scripting the server and what I suggested should most likely be do-able.)

Thank you for reading through and I'd love to see what the community thinks.