Ingame Event - Sat 16th Jan - 19:00 GMT

  • Hi Guys,

    I will be hosting a series of in-game events in which £130GBP worth of donation rewards are up for grabs!

    Top prize will be 1 x £50 donation reward and various other equivalent rewards for other events.

    All you need to do is be in the server at 19:00 GMT (UK / server time) on Saturday 16th Jan.

    The events we have planned are:

    • Kill me at either DE base or MC while I have 100,000 HP and protected by SAES.
    • Various on foot, swimming or car races
    • Find the hidden tractor around SA.

    These events are subject to change depending on community requests.

    Those who grief or don't follow rules will be punished with bans until the event night is over.
    (These bans will also be counted towards your gang punishments at month-end results)

    This event was generously sponsored by @Getskillz who gave up his donation rewards for this event.

    Good luck to you all.

    alt text

  • Would like to thank everyone involved tonight.

    The events will continue tomorrow with £50 worth of rewards left up for grabs.

    Here are the results for tonight:

    Type Reward Winner
    Kill Brophy @ MC £50 @Avengēr
    Police LV mapped race course 1st: £20 @Dudi
    ^ 2nd: £10 @Zwolle
    ^ 3rd: £5 @MrThomas

    Would like to give a special thanks to @Garcia for providing the map for the race.

    Keep an eye out on Discord for live information regarding the events tomorrow.

  • Another thanks to everyone involved yesterday in which @Scorpyo hosted the remaining events.

    Here are the results:

    Type Reward Winner
    Arrest @Getskillz/ @Nordd at Jefferson Motel £30 @Benny
    Find the tractor £20 @Jim

    Thanks again to @Getskillz for giving up his donation rewards for these events.

    Keep an eye out on the forum announcement/news section and Discord for more events.