Solved [CHANGE] Add Extra County Banks - FC/Bayside

  • Hello there everyone. This is something that's been going on for a little while now, And, now it is more like an option, as we all have already experienced the constant gang's growth,
    it has pushed us to certain limits, " I'm not saying that what we have is not enough " but I genuinely believe there's always room to improve ", However, I would recommend to the administration team of SAES, the suggestion of; the implementation of 2 new banks for the remaining counties which have been left behind, as a result of this, both sides cop/criminal would have the chance of taking in mind those 2 additions, and, the factor of having more criminal/cop activity in territory terminology. We, criminals, know that squad members and regular cop players enjoy assisting an on-going BR, it excites them and does for us

    Therefore, I have decided to pull this idea into a cast-votation.

    Note: everyone is welcome to improve the main idea. suggesting certain changes that would have a positive result.
    thanks for reading

  • @SAES-Gang-Managers What's the chance of this being considered?. If possible let us know what're the odds.

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