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Name: Elektra Queen
Sex: Transsexual Woman
Birth: 18/11/1987
Address: Currently homeless, owns a cardboard shelter below a bridge.
City/Precinct: Los Santos
State: San Andreas
Current occupation: Prostitute.
Experience: Ex-porn star
Backstory She started as many begin, from the bottom, hitchhiking, sucking old men cocks at 5 dollars a blowjob to make ends meet. But she wanted to get more, so one day she went to a porn casting in San Fierro, from a famous porn producer. In no time she made a name for herself, everyone knew her as "Elektra" but she earned the title of "the most open rectum in all of San Andreas." For years she continued her career until she became a porn star, it seemed that everything was going well until one day she caught a very serious syphilis, the producer could not have it anymore so they fired her, she got hooked on heroin, and spent all her money, The only thing she had left were those videos that circulated on the net in which she got to swallow 30cm cocks, but other than that, not a mere dollar in the bank. Several months later she was living under a bridge in Los Santos, looking to get out of the streets, and sucking junkies in exchange for a good shot of heroin. One day she overdosed, but survived, and has since stopped using drugs. Today she continues to live under the same filthy bridge, looking again to get into the world of porn, to rise again from the shit to become the star that she was in her time, they say that she is recruiting young prostitutes to form a whorehouse exclusively for transsexuals.