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    This is a civilian group, you don't have to leave your gang/squad/company to join!


    The beginning: Los Santos Delivery Foundation (1989)

    Mark Buffer was a simple man, son of a trucker that for his whole life drove around San Andreas, thus his passion for heavy vehicles. He attended high school, graduated and then started working as an employee for Cluckin’ Bell. Mark’s life wasn’t the best, actually, it really sucked, that’s why in 1989 he sold everything he had, left his job and bought an old rusty Benson. The van sure had its years, but it could still perfectly serve its purpose: delivering stuff. In fact Mark saw how much need there was for deliveries across short distances, for example from one side of a city to the other. He decided to create a company, called Los Santos Delivery, and establish himself in the garage of his home. Business sky high rocketed immediatly, people couldn’t believe that such a fast and safe delivery system wasn’t invented before; they would call a number, tell them what they needed and Mark would hurry up to pick the package and deliver it as fast and as secure as possible. Never a package came with a scratch, neither a day late, becouse every single member of the company was meticulously chosen and tested by Mark himself.


    The setback: online orders and economical crysis (1997-2000)

    Unluckily nothing can shine forever, and this was, in fact, the case of Mark’s company. With the creation of internet and websites, it was just a matter of time that online shopping would take the lead, but Mark didn’t prepare himself and, when it happened, he had no contracts whatsoever with any major online shopping site, this cut him out of the delivering market. He was forced to fire most of his employee and focus the company jobs on shop-to-home deliveries. This, in few years, brought the whole company on the edge of collapse, forcing Mark to fire all of his employees and sell his trusty and rusty Benson. He was fearing the worst, if businesses kept going like that he would soon have to definetly close his company. But suddendly, when everything seemed like the end was inevitable, Mark received a call from a long time friend, who had just created a online shopping website focused on the area of Los Santos; he proposed him to work as his delivery man and Mark obviously accepted. In a matter of months, Los Santos Delivery was back in business, having created multiple contracts with various online websites and not only. Mark hired back most of his old employees, and bought a brand new set of vehicles for his company, ranging from the trusty Benson, to more recent Pony and Buffalo. The company officially set in Richman Avenue in Los santos, in the early 2000, when Mark acquired a big business that became Los Santos Delivery Office-quarters.


    The company rise: first warehouse and business expansion (2001-2005)

    Business kept growing and growing, multiple employees were delivering daily, the company vehicles stock kept improving, always getting the top of the line vans, and so did the company’s reputation. No one received a damaged package, and if they did, they would have a total refund and a consistent sale on their next purchase. Request kept flowing so Mark had to expand his company stock warehouse; that’s why he went all the way to north Las Venturas to acquire a depot that was exactly what he needed: big and close to the northern bay so that overseas deliveries would be taken directly from the boat. For sure being located in Las Venturas was a bit far from Los Santos, the main area the company worked in, but still it was an affair and Mark didn’t hesitate in getting his hands on it, plus it was a good way to see if his business could expand even in that city.


    Los Santos Delivery present and future plans

    As of now Mark’s company is doing great, requests are high, employee are happy and so are the people who order from Los Santos Delivery. The Office-quarters are crowded with people everyday and Mark is looking for another property to expand his company. He is aiming to stipulate contracts with other cities, squads and company to keep his works clean and always profitable. Plus the company currently opened back the recruitment for those who wish to become part of this great family, in an attempt to reduce unemployment rate in the city, and expand his business to the rural areas around Los Santos. The company’s future waiting ahead looks bright, will you be part of it?

    Group name: Los Santos Delivery
    Group motto: you order, we deliver!
    Group status: unofficial
    Color code: 9f9c8e
    Founder: Mr.Togna21
    Members: 7
    Group Tag: LSD*|name (under supervision) / LSD|name (official member)
    Creation date: 05/12/2020
    Media archive: here
    Discord: Join us!
    Event count: n/a
    Activity count: 2
    Roleplay count: 1
    Spawn: Flint County>General>Delivery man
    Role: delivering stuff


    Los Santos Delivery Office-quarters:


    The company focuses on delivering stuff to common people and companies, squads, and whoever might need. The deliveries must be handed over in max 24 hours and in pristine condition; whenever a package gets broken or if the delivery takes more than 24 hours the payment is canceled. Los Santos delivery accepts to trasport everything except illegal stuff and food. The orders can be made either online or by direct message with a company Administrator. If you want to stipulate a contract with us, send a private message to Mr.Togna21


    Total member count: 7


    Head supervisor:

    Deliveries superintendent:
    Zero ( @Zer-0 )
    Prada ( @Prada )

    Delivery man:
    Franklin ( @franklin )
    Sulky ( @Sulky )
    Gala ( @Chatar )

    Rubialbort ( @rubialbort )


    Here you will find the group’s rules, breaking any of these in any moment will result either in a warning or kick, depending on the gravity

    • Follow every F1 rule of the server

    • never act retarded

    • do not RP alone/fake RP

    • always listen to your superior

    • try to be active and do something frequently for the group


    If you want to join us you have to follow two simple steps:

    1. fill in the following application format and post it as a reply on this topic.


    **1-Personal Informations**
    *Ingame nickname and account name*
    *State how well you speak english (1-10)*
    *Say something about yourself*
    *Do you have discord*
    *Do you know anyone that is already in the group*
    **2-Ingame Informations**
    *How long have you been playing SAES*
    *List your ex/current gangs/squads/companies*
    *State why you left/have been kicked (leave this blank if you have never left/been kicked)*
    *State the reason why you want to join Los Santos Delivery*
    *Explain why we should accept you*
    *Explain what the group's role is about*
    *Describe how you would do a RP fitting with the group role*
    *List the first 3 f1 rules of the server*
    *List the first and last rules of the group*
    *Do you own a van (pony/burrito/benson/etc)*
    **3-Additional Informations**
    *List your strenght and weakness*
    *What could you bring to the group*
    *How active are you, and what are your most played times (use server time)*
    *Post screenshots of you playing as a delivery man (optional)


    1. if your written application will be considered worthy, you’ll have to pass a driving test in game. To pass it, you’ll have to drive a Burrito/Pony from a starting point to another (that your tester will choose) in less than 8 minutes and without damaging the van more than 25% (vh).

    Depending on your attitude, the effort put in your application, and after being tested in game, you can either be:


    Great job! Your great effort payed out, you are now a member of Los Santos Delivery.


    You did well, but still have to prove that you are going to be a valuable asset for the group! Hang with LSD members for another week and wait for the final answer!

    • DENIED

    Unluckily, you don't seem to match our minimal requirements to be part of LSD company. Feel free to re-apply after 2 weeks have passed. Better luck next time!

    Good Luck and have fun!

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  • Looks fun, great backstory (unless ye copied it off somewhere)
    Good luck!

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  • May the force be with you!

  • Thanks everyone! Everything you see, from backstory to roles,etc, are original ideas that I recently had after seeing how little "civilian activity" the server has!


  • Media archive done and posted our first activity check! Go and check it out: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/23285/los-santos-delivery-group-media-archive

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  • Please invite this guy @LAPD_Spanish_VEN

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  • 1-Personal Informations
    Ingame nickname and account nameMonorealg/Monorealg4life
    State how well you speak english (7)
    Say something about yourselfi play allot
    Do you have discordyes
    Do you know anyone that is already in the grouptogna21

    2-Ingame Informations
    How long have you been playing SAES
    List your ex/current gangs/squads/companiesI was going to enter CripZ but got denied
    *State why you left/have been kicked (leave this blank if you have never left/been kicked)*The said they didnt find my ingame idk why
    State the reason why you want to join Los Santos DeliveryBecause is a very good job and i can see it is going to be great
    Explain why we should accept youI know allot about this server and game, am able to follow orders and do different works
    Explain what the group's role is aboutThe group role is about a Delivery company that can work for common people companies, squads.
    Describe how you would do a RP fitting with the group role
    List the first 3 f1 rules of the serverNo DM, No impersonating, No cheats
    List the first and last rules of the groupFollow every F1 rule of the server, try to be active and do something frequently for the group
    *Do you own a van (pony/burrito/benson/etc)*a burrito

    3-Additional Informations
    List your strenght and weaknessMy strenghts are playing allot until reach my goal, make my role and help my group
    What could you bring to the groupAn assistant, worker and much more
    *How active are you, and what are your most played times (use server time)*I usually play all days in the moorning and afternoon
    *Post screenshots of you playing as a delivery man (optional)Togna21 knows

  • @monorealg4life Thanks for applying. You have left 2 question blank:

    • how long have you been playing SAES?

    • describe how you would do a RP fitting the group role:

    The first question is pretty straight forward, but the second one isnt so let me explain better: I am asking you to describe a Roleplay focused about our role, delivering stuff, so what kind of backstory you would create etc (for example someone calls the company to have something delivered and you go to their home, that's a very simple one do not reuse it).
    If you manage to answer correctly to these 2 question then I will consider and review your application!
    Again thanks for choosing us and good luck!

  • @mr-togna21 Sorry for leaving those questions in blank:
    how long have you been playing SAES? In my account i have being played 1-2 month but i have already played in other account that isnt mine 3 months.

    describe how you would do a RP fitting the group role: The rolelay of LSD is helping common people by deliverying different kind of things, whatever they need. If a gang call me, i will go to their base and see how can i help them. Same thing with squads and all common people in SAES.

  • 1-Personal Informations
    Ingame nickname and account name

    • Rubialbort/RUbialbort


    • 19


    • Spanish

    State how well you speak english (1-10)

    • 6/7

    Say something about yourself

    • I have been playing in this server for a long time, mostly as a trucker, but recently as a delivery man. I like both and I enjoy going from A to B.

    Do you have discord

    • I have discord (Rubialbort#6209)

    Do you know anyone that is already in the group

    • No i dont know anyone

    2-Ingame Informations
    How long have you been playing SAES

    • 182h

    List your ex/current gangs/squads/companies

    • None, always worked as an individual.

    State why you left/have been kicked (leave this blank if you have never left/been kicked)

    State the reason why you want to join Los Santos Delivery

    • I want to join because i tryed recently the role of delivery man and i loved it, played last 2 days upgrading my own van in order to enjoy it.

    Explain why we should accept you

    • If my role is going from A to B, ill do it. And ill enjoy every single second of the ride. I like to drive, not only vans and trucks, but every type of 4+ wheels vehicle and i think im good at it.

    Explain what the group's role is about

    • The group´s role is to offer either individuals or groups (companies, gangs, squads) the best delivery service they can get. With a 24h max and perfect condition cargo guaranteed, everyone can stipulate a contract with the group in order to get a delivery service. The payment will be cancelled if the package gets damaged, compromised or late. Illegal stuff and food wont be accepted.

    Describe how you would do a RP fitting with the group role

    • As everyone can get a contract, LSD will provide them some basic services. The client can choose where they will get their package delivered and when. If the van reaches the place but the client is nowhere to be found, the deliverer will try to comunicate via phone or e-mail. If theres no response, then the driver will get to the individual`s home or gang/squad/company base if he takes part of one. If theres no place to leave it (homeless or without a gang...), the package will be delivered back to the warehouse, were the client must contact with LSD in 24h max in order to get it.

    List the first 3 f1 rules of the server

      1. No dm
      2. No cheats or trainees
      3. Do not avoid arrest

    List the first and last rules of the group

      1. Follow the F1 rules of the server
      2. Stay active for the group

    Do you own a van (pony/burrito/benson/etc)

    • Yes i do. A Burrito with a v8 and AWD. Works like a charm.

    3-Additional Informations
    List your strenght and weakness

    • S) I really enjoy the role, going A to B and driving. Also im good at it. I also like rp and stuff.
      W) I may get a bit frustrated when i fail or wreck my car.

    What could you bring to the group

    • And active worker and good comrade

    How active are you, and what are your most played times (use server time)

    • Usually i can play from 4pm to 12, on weekends maybe a little biy earlier. The downside of being a college student is that some weeks i may dissapear just because of the projets and tests and boring stuff.

    *Post screenshots of you playing as a delivery man (optional)

  • @rubialbort
    Great application, you seem a professional and serious player. I will contact you when I'll see you ingame to have a chat and do the test-drive. Feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/xUeXj5Je.

  • good luck