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Basic information

Name: George Gavalas
Sex: Male
DoB: October 7th, 1963

Contact information
Address: Angel Pine Road 92
City/Precinct: Angel Pine
County: Whetstone
State: San Andreas

Occupation and experience
Current occupation: Owner of the Barber shop "GG Haircuts".
Experience: Barber

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George Gavalas was born in Thessaloniki back in 1963, the 5th son of a big family facing serious financial problems. Starting out from humble beginnings in his garage, to neighborhood barbershops, to cutting in fine men's barber spas in Thessaloniki,After high school he knew he wanted to become a barber so he asked for a job in the barber shop of his neighborhood. 20 years later, George had enough money to leave Greece and decided to visit San Andreas. The Angel Pine was the perfect place for him to launch his own brand as "GG Haircuts" established in 2001.

George married the woman he fell in love Voula Petridi in 2004 and together they had 3 beautiful children. two daughters and one son. As a family man, he loves spending time with his wife and children. His goal is to play the well-respected of the Master Barber in his community.