Christmas Donation Bonus

  • We are aware that the money you get when doing (100k per £1) is a bit weak when it comes to the money and economy that's floating about on the server.

    During this month (December), donation rewards have returned to normal however the money you get per £1 has increased to 1 million, for example: £10 will get you 10 million ingame.

    We will see how this affects the server at the end of the month and determine if its worth keeping it permanently.

    We would also like to thank everyone who has donated over the year, putting your hand in your pocket has allowed the server to be in a good position money wise and has kept the server running for everyone else, we really appreciate it.

    Keep an eye out for festive games and events running this month for your chance to win my properties and cash prizes!

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  • Fuck the economy more, that Christmas gift is worth it!

  • People who donated yesterday 🙂
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  • The economy is already fucked, what a great addition. Merry christmas people 🙂

  • more victimes of rule 16

  • @leonard Donating on someone else's behalf does not break rule #16. Shouldn't be an issue.

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  • @niklaus said in Christmas Donation Bonus:

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    @Element kek

    @Element be like 1billion already in bank, what i will do with another 100m nigga

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  • Wow 🤔

  • brb let me get my moms credit card

  • Worth mentioning that you need a bit of patience for your donation rewards. I've been asking 11 admins so far. One responded that he doesnt want to help me wich I didn't mind, atleast he responded. Another said to me "in a minute, go there in advance." and then he started ignoring me. Others didn't respond at all while actively talking in chat.

    Maybe a suggestion is to give admins a small percentage of the donations, because im fine with donating a littlebit more if that littlebit goes to the admin thats helping me.

    With all the littlebits he can get a donation vehicle and some ingame money himself.

    Afterall this server benefits from a attractive donation system, if its attractive to donate, the server can keep on going longer, if its not attractive, due the time and patience it takes before you get your rewards, people may donate less often.

    I'm not talking about another reward change because im tired of the vehicle i've chosen. Its a new donation. A couple years ago, i've donated some money before, and right after I donated, in a matter of minutes, I got pm's from 2 different admins willing to sort my donation. I'm questioning; what happened?

  • They just need active admins like terry velo johnny and kipt others are useless, These 4 cant be there all the time! But if these 4 are available than you don't need anyone else. That Darly intentionally ignore you like he will find a way to ignore you. haha

  • They dont have time, they're busy muting people for saying 2 words in tunisian in mainchat, or playing as undercover cops trying to bait people into dming them. Please try again later.