A logo for 15£ SAES Donation

  • My team is in a need for a logo, and I've seen some crazy designs here. The logo is not for SAES, but I had a talk with SAES HQ member and it should be fine, as it will be used in a tournament

    Winner will get a 15£ Donation to SAES (Paid by me)

    Here's what should be in the logo:
    Name: Rajan Testaajat
    Color: Your decission
    Appearance: should look coo

    Rajan Testaajat means Limit Testers in English, as in pushing your limits.

    Winner will be decided in a week. If there's no logos we like, I'll instead reward bonestreet house and in-game cash for the best one we saw, but we won't be using it in the tournament.

    This is because I'm also asking few other people outside SAES to make few sketches for a logo

  • If you have some sketches, send em to me in private. I can tell what you should add and if we like the idea!