Diana Perenova

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    Basic information

    Name: Diana Perenova
    Sex: Female
    DoB: January 23rd, 1987

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    Contact information
    Address: Angel Pine Road 39
    City/Precinct: Angel Pine
    County: Whetstone
    State: San Andreas

    Occupation and experience
    Current occupation: Vice President of fashion brand "AngelWear"
    Experience: Singer, Tailor

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    Diana Perenova was born in Kievo on January 23, 1987. Her early years were anything but glamorous. At age 12, after her mother’s death, Diana was put in an orphanage by her father, who worked as a peddler.

    Diana was raised by nuns who taught her how to sew — a skill that would lead to her life’s work. Her nickname came from another occupation entirely. During her brief career as a singer, Diana performed in clubs in Kiev and Moscow where she was called “Anye.”

    Some say that the name comes from one of the songs she used to sing, and Diana herself said that it was a “shortened version of Anye, the Ukranian word for 'pretty,'” according to an article in The Fashion Magazine.

    At the age of 17 she got accepted to the University of Moscow at the department of Finance and Business studies where she finished in 3 years and move to Phd studies in the same university.

    2 years after her Phd degree she decided to open her first shop in Moscow's Fashion Street, Perenova started out selling hats. She later added stores in Minsk and Kievo and began making clothes.

    Her first taste of clothing success came from a dress she fashioned out of an old jersey on a snowy day. In response to the many people who asked about where she got the dress, she offered to make one for them. “My fortune is built on that old jersey that I’d put on because it was cold in Kiev,” she once told author Alexei Morayev.

    Diana was married to a very rich Businessman in Moscow but at the age of 29 she saw him getting murdered infront of her eyes outside of a local cinema where they watched the film "La Boheme Faison".

    After this tragic loss Diana decided to create a new chapter to her life and bought a one-way ticket to San Andreas. She opened her new business named 'AngelWear" and decided to find a quite place to livee outside of the city in Angel Pine. She has no family and she spends most of her time around fashion ideas and designs.

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    • Roleplay 30/11/2020:

    Title: Corona Party in Angel Pine

    John launched a big party in his wharehouse inside Angel Pine where I had a moment to meet many new people but after a while many fights started and Joshua got injured. We tried to call an ambulance but then John asked to follow him in his house to provide help to Joshua. After a while, I had the chance to offer them some tea and a maniac person, Austin, used a gun, he forced us to stay inside while John took his side and we were desperate. My hands were shaking and I tried to escape. When I escaped, I realised I left 2 innocent civillians behind so I tried to help them get out of here. Austin caught me, killed one civillian and locked me in a room. Fortunatelly two Inspectors reached our spot and arrested this maniac while the 3rd civillian was bleeding on the ground after getting shot from Austin's bullet.