Nickname: Ferthis
Username: ferthistheking17
Ban Date: 14-11-2020
Banned By: Terry
Your MTA:SA serial: AD6BAF86C30E18BDBAA8F6A8FA6E93A1
Ban Reason: Violation of rule 16
Why should we unban you?:
Because as some of you might know im not a bad guy, im never toxic towards others and ive only recieved one adminjail in 7 years on SAES(before my ban)

Im just someone that loves to roleplay and interact with people on SAES, without causing or getting into trouble.

I wont say that ive never heard of rule 16 because that would be a lie. I was just stupid enough to participate in something that i knew wasn’t 100% legit. I dont know how i could be this stupid and i regret
every mistake i made in the process.

The only thing i can ask for is a second chance to prove that my intentions towards SAES are pure.

Thank you for your time to read my appeal.

Best regards,