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Virgil Sollozzo

Name : Virgil Sollozzo
Date of Birth : January 7th, 1968
Nationality : Republic of Kazaristan
Current occupation : ZIP Worker, Administration of MIT, Diplomatic Corps.

Address : Grande Maison Bleue - Vinewood (LS, SA)

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Virgil Sollozzo was born in 1968 in the village of Nadjiban in a self-proclaimed country in the Caucasus called Kazaristan.

Poverty and tensions in the region forced Sollozzo to leave his country for Italy to start working as a farmer in a poppy field. Strong and tall, people believed he was Turkish. And by using this image, he made friends with Turks and allowed him to export the poppy market to Turkey and discovered there a real potential to manufacture drugs.

In the space of couple years, Virgil Sollozzo managed to pocket several hundred thousand dollars which allowed him to expand into many businesses.

In the 90s, he decided to turn to the United States and saw a great future there. Sollozzo will leave his wife and children in Turkey and continue the adventure alone.

Arriving in the United States, he expanded his network and his business but saw the growing influence of a new drug, cocaine. He must then immediately retrain his business, but will not succeed.

Sollozzo decided to wash his image, and returned to France to the University of Strasbourg and obtained a master degree in law, political science and management. He returned to his country and immediately promoted to diplomatic consular.

In 2019, Sollozzo obtained a diplomatic visa for the United States and went to work in Immigration then on construction, and became Vice Leader of the Military Intelligence Team.

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Personality and Traits

Sollozzo is a patient and methodical man who prefers to run things behind the scenes, but who is also not afraid of getting his hands dirty. Has a sixth sense for danger.

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