Ovalles's ban Appeal

  • Nickname: Ovallees|O
    Username: FelixOvalles12
    Ban Date: 18th or 19th november 2020
    Banned By: Terry
    Your MTA:SA serial: 6A7CED8940D65DB81EC6BE48A3731BA1
    Ban Reason: Violation Of Rule 16
    Why should we unban you?:
    Today I tried to enter saes and found that I was banned
    The reason is that I violated rule 16, as I know from recent events, many people were banned for that reason.
    From my point of view, I have not broken any rules, I only exchange game money for a donation.
    The person I asked to donate on my behalf, used my forum account to do so, I never asked him to send money to my private bank account.
    I can provide chat logs and even PayPal account logs if required.
    Maybe I'm missing something and I would like to know if I made a mistake, this is all I know from my ban.
    If so, I would like to apologize and ask for a second chance, I did not do it with bad intentions, I apologize.

  • We have seen chat logs where you have asked people to send to your paypal

  • according to you deposit me I want to be shown proof of where I'm deposited into my bank account

    I want to be looked for the person who deposited me to my bank account and billing with the only one that I buy gbp was with riki and I have all the full chat that he never deposits me in PayPal or anything like that, it's just alleged that because someone says PayPal is already breaking the rules of the game, and I want whoever told him that I was deposited to my PayPal I pass him well-confirmed tests

    You can also talk to Mr. Riki he can speak well that he was entering my forum account making donations @RiKkI

    Well I don't know if I was banned for that but a few days ago I was talking to james that if I bought the game money to deposit me to my bank account but said no etc. and I never received money from anyone but if that's his allegations totally do it but I never received cash from any player as terry accuses me @Brophy @Terry @James And if for that simple things they decide to ban a player who give profits to the game well I accept it

    I want to tell you something totally I claim that I request money for via PayPal But I never received it and I ask for an excuse entirely of the facts committed but it was not my intention to break any rule of the game I want to ask excuses from all my @TheOutfit colleagues, Because the moment I requested help I thought I had told myself that I had received cash to my bank account something that is totally false , I thought I was accused of that pear was not so

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