George Stuart

  • Character biography: George Stuart

    Name: George Stuart
    Date of birthday: 07/09/1957
    Nationality: American
    Current occupation: Unemployed

    George Stuart was born in San Fierro in a medium class family in September of 1957. Back then, San Fierro was a strong growing economy, something that could be appreciated by the extension of the port facilities and the traffic it managed. The rise in the ammount of vessels that included San Fierro as a port of call, caused a great influence in the culture of the place.

    In his young age, George was in contact with the inward flow of external cultures and the economical miracle of the maritime adventure. As he grew up to be a teenager, his interest kept rising and he decided to start his nautical studies. During his stay in the college, and encouraged by a comfortable economical situation of his family, he started to enjoy the recreation of the night life in the city.

    Alcohol and parties were a constant variable in George's life, who saw them as a way to get away from the life of the common being. The social relationships he built during that time made him interested in the human psichology, which he saw as a hobby.

    After all, this life didn't satisfy a twenty-year-old Stuart, who started his career as a maritime officer in the merchant navy. During his work at sea, he managed to keep improving his culture and resolution to keep aiming for the ultimate meaning of his own life. These years shaped a crazy and impatient youth into a calm and pollite man.

    After years of service, sadly, Captain Stuart would have already suffered too much of a stressed life and tight timetable. Someone who had previously loved the mixture of cultures slowly became distrutful and started to deeply hate certain communities. At this point, George Stuart left his job on the sea to find a calmer life on land.

    Some medical specialists claimed Mr.Stuart could suffer from a mental illness caused by his job, yet, it was not proven and George kept walking his way. In 2007, he would start working in San Fierro customs. He climbed the ladder of the ranks pretty fast and his successful operations against drug smuggling in San Fierro docks granted him a name.

    During the presidency of President Edward Thatch and due to the reputation George had earned, Mr.Stuart was named as a personal advisor for the Department of Defense. It was at this moment he moved to Los Santos, a city full of crime and street gang deals. During his stay he would increase the deep hate he felt towards these communities and would also have to face several critical situations such as bomb threats and assasinations attempts.

    Along with Edward Bradley, George Stuart impelled a heavy campaign against the street gangs. Which would make both famous for their cruel methods and extreme usage of force. Nonetheless, Stuart was not so heavily blamed for it as Mr.Bradley was, which got him in a better position.

    Now it is 2020, at the age of 63, George's mind asks him for a break. He wants to look for peace, nature and a fine cultured environment. He has recently given up his job in the Government and he looks ahead for his next objective, Angel Pine, where he expects to be far from the hated minorities, bustle of the city and finally reach a relaxing and cultured space.

  • 17/11/2020

    A terrible arrival

    Today George heard about the speech for the mayor elections. This happened at the same time that he arrived to the town. Considering he expects to stay for long, he headed to the speech and listened to Barry Bones' ideas.

    Things started to go wrong when a cuban (as he could know from a candidate bodyguard) attempted to shoot the candidate but was frustrated. Later on, a man who was ran over by a car was brutally attacked after it. George offered his help and got involved in the situation and eventually had to go back to the motel for his own safety. Later that day he got to know both suspect were put under custody.

    George is suspicious about the safety of the town and it makes him unconfortable.


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