Luca Tonelli

  • Passport Informations
    Full name: Luca Tonelli
    Gender: Male
    Date of birth: 01-11-1983
    Height: 1,80
    Hair color: black
    Eyes color: dark brown
    Skin color: brown
    Special traits: n/a
    Place of Birth: Italy, Sicily, Finale
    Currently resident at: USA, San Andreas, Whetstone, Angel Pine, city motel
    Nationality: USA citizen since 2000
    Family status: divorced

    Curriculum Vitae
    Education: middle school degree
    Specialty: handling of heavy industrial vehicles, problem solving
    Additional expertises: able to fluently talk English and Italian; first aid and defibrillation certificate; in possess of type A,B and C driving license
    Current place of work: San Andreas Cleaners, senior workman, binman department
    Employment history:
    september 1999 until april 2000 - bricklayer
    may 2000 until january 2003 - San Andreas Sanitay, binman
    march 2003 as of now - San Andreas Cleaners, senior workman, binman department

    Personal Informations
    Luca Tonelli is the son of an Italian father, Giacomo Tonelli, and South African mother, Alyssa Eudre. His father was a bricklayer for most of his life, but managed to create a rather succesful worker company, where Luca would work until 11. Later, due to an economic crysis that led to the closure of the family company, Tonelli's family emigrated to America, both to search for the right opportunity, and becouse they were unable to pay the enormous debts the crysis had created. They started to work as bricklayer in Los Santos, in the railway area; soon after Luca found work at SAS (San Andreas Sanitary) as a binman. During this period Luca met Annah, a woman that worked as a distinct layer, the two fell in love with each other, married but soon divorced as social class differences were inacceptable for Annah's parents. After a brief period of depression Luca focused back on his work and his devotion, workaholic attitude and skills, granted him a stable job with a decent salary. After 3 years he was offered a position as workman in the binman department of a recently founded, but promising, company: San Andreas Cleaners, located in Las Venturas, he gladly accepted and moved in the casinos city. While there he followed a Basic Life Support and Defibrillation course offered by San Andreas Medics. Later Luca distinguished himself once again, earning the promotion of senior workman and being offered the supervision of the SAC whetstone division, operating in Angel Pine, once again the offer was accepted and Luca moved in the city motel. Luca aims at becoming one of the administrator of the company. As of now he is supervising an operation aimed at the removal of rubbish and waste, accumulated at whetstone beach, that came from the ocean; he's even working on a new electrical garbage truck prototype that could carry 30% more trash than the actual trucks, and pollute 100% less the atmosphere.

    San Andreas Cleaners Identity Document




  • 17/11/2020 Update
    Luca started his cleaning up work as soon as he reached Angel Pine. During his break he chose to hear Barry Bones, a candidate running for mayor, speech, little did he know that an extremist would attack and try to kill the candidate. Luckily no one was wounded. Luca, while cleaning the beach earlier, found disassembled pieces of handguns and rifles and decided to show them to mr. Bones, he thanked the binman for his service and is now looking for an expert to gather more info on these pieces. Later, while going back to the motel to get some rest, Luca was hit and run by a car and then brutally assaulted by the same criminals. Thanks to the help of an Angel Pine freshly trasferred citizen, George Stuart, and the presence of town sheriff, he was saved, reporting just some minor injuries, and the 2 criminals were arrested.

    17/11/2020 NEWSPAPER




  • 25/11/2020 Update
    Luca is still being very busy with his cleaning works. Although during his rare free time and lunch breaks, Luca enjoys meeting new people and socialize around the city. Today, in the early afternoon, he casually met a man who was smoking by himself, he approched him and the conversation fastly took off. Luca was shown a video depicting the violent shooting episode against cuban embassy that had happened some days prior. The two kept talking about the city and its tendency for corruption and lack of police men, they both hope that the new mayor will be able to do something about it. Then suddendly, a loud engine revving sound got their attention, they approached the driver, called Girogi Zumarka( @IceCold ), who parked the car near to them, and he told them that he was having some issues with the handling during some sudden turns. The man turned out to be an expert mechanic that already owns a garage in San Fierro and is hoping to open one soon in Angel Pine aswell. After a short conversation, Luca had to get back to work, but still he was really pleased about the two new meeting he had made.

    Pictures about Luca's day