Barry Bones

  • Passport data
    Full name: Barry Oliver Bones
    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 30.08.1971
    Place of Birth: USA, San Andreas, San Fierro
    Place of registration: USA, San Andreas, Whetstone, Angel Pine, unnamed road, 41
    Family status: Single, never married
    Children: -

    Employment information
    Education: Higher Education - Master (1995)
    Specialty: Accounting, analysis and audit
    Additional: Police training at the San Andreas Police Academy and military training at the FBI Hostage Rescue Team academy (2001)
    Current place of work: Chief Accountant of the San Fierro Furniture Factory
    Employment history:
    October 2018 - Hostage Rescue Team Agent: retired
    February 2012 - Federal Bureau of Investigation Economic rime Officer: transferred to another division
    March 2010 - SA Federal Police Officer: transferred to another division
    May 2004 - Manchap organisation Founder/CEO/Chief Accountant: sale of a controlling stake, transfer to the role of a shareholder of the company
    October 2002 - ZIP Clothing San Fierro Office Chief Accountant: fired of his own free will

    Personal file information
    Barry Oliver Bones (born Oliver Bones Jr.) was born in the state of San Andreas, the city of San Fierro, until the age of 18 he lived in the Chinatown area, the exact address is lost (the building is demolished). Information about parents and relatives is missing (deleted). He was not involved in juvenile affairs. He graduated from Chinatown School and studied at the Faculty of Economics, Liberty City State University of Economics. Then he returned to the state and underwent police and military training in Las Venturas. As the owner of the company "Manchap" was summoned to court three times on suspicion of financial fraud, he won all three cases, the details of the trial were deleted. After the sale of the controlling stake in Manchap, he became only its shareholder (owns 49% of the shares). Soon he received a positive response to a request to work in the federal police, from where he went to be promoted to the FBI in the department of economic crimes. While working at the FBI, he received offers of bribes more than ten times for seven-figure sums, officially all offers were rejected, but only seven criminals were brought to justice, the rest are classified. Violations of the speed limit were recorded twenty-eight times. He received an invitation from the FBI and was transferred to Hostage Rescue Team, where he graduated from the academy, a year later he was wounded in the stomach and collarbone and resigned. In 2019 he moved to Angel Pine, but continued to work in San Fierro and received the nickname "huckster".

  • Message for Angel Pine residents

    I want to thank everyone who took the time to listen to my speech and ask their questions, which was not at all as heated as the presidential debate. I also want to apologize for what happened, I could not even think that the Cuban terrorists still remember me, but in no way am I trying to blame the Cuban authorities and people or the security of this event, because I set inadequate security conditions. This problem is already at the stage of solution and federal services have been sent to the settlement.

    I also want to thank a citizen Luca Tonelli, who is cleaning the beach and found a weapon there. We do not have any information what kind of weapon it is and who it belongs to right now, but my good friend historian from Last Venturas will arrive as soon as possible.

    At the moment, I was forbidden to leave the house without security and let someone in, so I am ready to answer your questions by phone. I'm waiting for your calls!

    PS: I do not belong to any party, I only express my preferences in this regard!

    Barry Bones, Angel Pine mayoral candidate